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Dear ladies and ladies and gentlemen, the roads in , you know what all somewhere in a hurry Before the holidays exacerbated the situation on the roads you certainly do not just witnessed the accident, saw nervously running around Car drivers who are under stress can not figure out what to do. You have heard from their friends who got in an accident that they were right, but for some reason then to have exacted the property. Sound familiar? A few simple rules of conduct during this trouble to help you and your loved ones. If you are involved in or witnessed the accident, then: 1. Under no circumstances should you hide from the accident scene 2. Do not move the car where he was 3. If there are victims – an urgent call for an ambulance, and check if any of the witnesses the doctor 4.

Call the police employee, this can be done by May 2. Please set the witnesses an accident, write down their contact Phones & Name 6. Do not forget to check with the witnesses that they saw 7. Calm down and try to calmly analyze the guilt of your party to crash, according to traffic rules and information that You told the witnesses (this will help to provide explanations already hastening to your employees GAI).

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