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Funding Mix

Pressure to act but not is the theme of “correct” Finance bigger – also thanks to the good economic development options for action loses dynamics and importance of the topic “Credit crunch” -. The “Fachgruppe financing rating” in the SME consultants Association intensively dealt with the question of appropriate combinations of financing for medium-sized companies. Your result: Insert at least two lending bank connections and additional complementary financing devices. What can that be, depends on very individual corporate and financial situation. You can not stand on one leg “an old German proverb says already.

This applies particularly to the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – as the financial rating of the SME consultants Association Group. Show this has not only the economic and financial crisis, which seems to overcome in 2010 at the end of the year. Those companies, which borrow not only with a credit institution claim, have less the effects of the economic and financial crisis felt. Christoph Rasche, Member of the trade group financial rating explains: every entrepreneur who doesn’t want to come in the function of a bank is well advised to take care of at an early stage to establish of at least a further Bank connection. At an early stage because credit relationship requires trust.” And so rapid need to build up once this trust companies and lenders. In this context, Rasche so-called Basel indicates III directive also on increasing capital requirements of credit institutions by the. Just the banks with less capital in your credit travel procurement in addition be restricted.

Every entrepreneur should therefore check or check whether the credit facilities of the own banks are bordered by Basel III. You may want to visit Paynet to increase your knowledge. When searching for financing alternatives SMEs are now possibilities to complement bank credits. The financing mix decides in the future on the stability Savings banks here only restrained advised the SME advisers recommend the information directly from the KfW and the development banks of countries; This offer not only detailed information on the Internet, but also a telephone information. And also the inclusion of equity by investment companies and so-called subordinated capital by the KfW SME Bank should be included with depending on the situation in the considerations. In any case, it is wrong to exclude such options from the front in from our point of view because the mix makes it”admits Rasche. More information: Group Finance rating SMEs consultants Association Christoph Rasche, Tel: 02764-261815, E-mail: information about the Association here: background information: the SME consultants Association is a nationally organized Association of free consultants with proven professional qualifications and outstanding technical as social competence. Over 120 members specialize in the pragmatic advice and support small and medium-sized Company in industries and crafts, trade industry and services.