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Fund Air

‘Aircraft funds apply to new heights’, the trade magazine cash recently wrote to the situation on the market. Investment investments prevailed long ago with passenger and cargo aircraft in Germany, then provide an interesting alternative in the investment market. As a specialist in the area of cargo planes, DCM Deutsche capital management AG has positioned himself and currently offers participation in a Boeing 777F. It is the most economical transport aircraft that knows the world”, explains Michael Trentzsch as head of transport of DCM AG and an expert in the field of aircraft. DCM has deliberately set to this aircraft class, especially with the German air freight line AeroLogic, a joint venture of the companies of Deutsche Lufthansa and Deutsche Post DHL, a very prominent lessee could be won. To the financial magazine per Contra, Trentzsch explained his assessment of the current market for aircraft participation, but also to aviation in General in a lengthy interview recently. As the most important For the investors he leads the merchantability of the aircraft at Terminal rental or sale, as well as the cabin re configuration costs apportioned by a cargo plane investment criteria in addition to the credit of the first lessee. This, the demand will generally driven by a long-term strong growth of the air cargo industry for modern cargo aircraft.

He is supported in his assessment of general economic data, because as evidenced by the immediate end of year 2010 flies air cargo passenger traffic normally getting a piece ahead and recovering faster after possible crises. Cargo planes are therefore the ideal assets for investments”, so the DCM aircraft expert. Thus is largely off the funds of the House DCM the risk of default of lease receivables, but also the risk of the resale. In addition, the aircraft through a so-called operating-lease contract are rented. So are the costs increase risks of the operation and the machine utilization risk only when the Tenant. “The Boeing 777F is such as in the case of the DCM aircraft Fund 3 2019 in full-life condition” returned and can be sold in new quality without cabin adjustment measures most particularly in comparison to passenger jumbo.