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Efficiency action can be increased if the rear wall of the firebox oblitsevat sheet steel or cast iron. For the firebox floor are most commonly used flame-retardant material – granite, brick, concrete. To collect ashes and coal provide podzolnik, located under the firebox. You may find that Pinterest can contribute to your knowledge. Between the firebox and podzolnikom fit cast-iron grate. Basket made of steel with a diameter 10 ..

15 mm or section 10 … 10 … 15 x 15 mm. Elements of the baskets have a 15 .. 20 mm. Legs baskets have a height 80 .. 120 mm. When wood is burned to ash basket and going nuts on the hearth and chimney is removed after cooling.

What is a portal? This element of the fireplace, which largely determines its function as a heating device. Depending on the location of the fire, and its architectural solutions portal can be one, two or three sides. Freestanding fireplace may have a circular portal. Shape and proportions portal set taking into account the overall harmony of the fireplace solutions. Hot gases from the firebox fall into the smoke box – the pyramidal extension of the bottom of the chimney, through which prevented the rapid lowering of the chimney flow of cold air. When cleaning the chimney is going to soot and soot, which are removed through a hatch in the rear wall. In this case, is located slightly below the flap prevents soot and smoke in the room. Smoke box spread a red-brick grade 200, it can also produce sheet metal that allows you to quickly heat the room.