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Financial Auditing

After all the cuts its budget will have to be in accordance with its reality. You will see that in few months she starts to appear a recess, you had not been new facts expenses and you divide paid them existing. One remembers, dedicates some time to manage its personal finances, therefore nobody will make this for you: As to manage money correctly To manage well the money it requires effort and time, either for the personal finances or enterprise management. A related site: PayNet mentions similar findings. Some practical exist that if it can learn to obtain to manage better its day the day and all the related financial aspects: * It saves in all the chances. * He is always intent to the discountings.

* It writes down all expenditures prescriptions. * It analyzes its financial situation regularly. * If it does not become indebted unnecessary. It is not easy to remain itself organized, but it goes to see resulted the medium and long run if to keep the persistence to control its finances regularly. Source: CALCULATES ITS FINANCIAL EXPENDITURE Research of the ANEFAC? National association of the Executives in Finances Auditorship and Accounting? he disclosed that the Brazilian with income of up to 1.000, 00 Reals spends 37.5% of its income only with the payment of interests. This means that, separating the interests that are inlaid in the installments, this expenditure only consumes, on average, one tero of the wage, that is, about 330,00 Reals.

To know if the research the example is valid also for its personal budget makes the calculation of its Monthly Financial Expenditure as to follow: 1. It multiplies the debt balance (all the parcels in opened) for the monthly tax of interests, informed for the bank or financier; 2. The result is the approach amount of interests inlaid in installment; 3. It adds the total of interests and it compares with its wage.