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Final disposition

Final disposition The disposal of this waste is not easy, if it is less hazardous waste they can be incinerated to no less than 850 C in places approved by the Health Authority, if it is very hazardous waste have to confine a secure landfill, which is a great package of special cement container and buried in an area defined by environmental framework law and duly restricted perimeter. This place of confinement must be located in areas free of faults, far from stable and alluvial areas, population, mining or industrial activity, far from public transit routes or volcanic activity with a known history of at least 100 years. In addition there should be no groundwater or water bodies within 5 km of the place. Many nations and industries confined their wastes in drums and dumped into the sea in the past, today this bad behavior has changed gradually as it creates awareness about the environment.Radioactive waste character, have a very specialized treatment, usually are contained in packages covered with a thick layer of lead or coal and are arranged in pools cemented in places such as solitary deserts, islands or at sea in confined indestructible packaging . His control is very strict and permanent.

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