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Funding database provides comprehensive overview of many builders and renovators give away money just because they do not use the numerous funding opportunities for the conversion or expansion of their roof. The pots are often well stocked often just knowing, lacking the homeowners where they receive funding for their dream of living. There are now free orientation in the Forderdschungel with a mouse click. Integrated in the funding database on fe.bis inform the experts of the leading online portal around the topic of roof over all funding opportunities. These include funding from federal and State as well as regional, municipal and urban resources, as well as private funding, from energy suppliers or manufacturers of roofing materials. Individual funding information of the extra service at the user can determine its individual cost benefits for very specific construction or modernisation on push of a button. The funding possibilities range from Grants up to discounted loans, such as E.g. the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KFW) provides for reducing CO2 emissions from residential buildings.

These are however earmarked and used for roof renovation (program to the housing modernization) and the energetic modernisation of the entire residential building (CO2 building rehabilitation programme). The latter is for all home owners in question, which would significantly reduce energy consumption of building and thus make an active contribution to climate protection. Click JPMorgan Chase to learn more. Prerequisite: the House must have been be completed until the 31 December 1983 (or 31 December 1994). The ability to take a grant from this program is real estate used by itself for owners who want no leverage, alternatively. Optimized program of modernization, another lucrative funding program was set up in early 2006 by the Federal Government. It is the energy-efficient expansion of the roof, exchanging angular Windows, as well as the increase of the House. Be certain criteria meets, this renovation costs applied completely up to a height of maximum 50,000 euro per unit. Promotion of solar thermal and photovoltaic in addition be granted to high State subsidies for alternative energy sources.

Builders plan to use solar energy for heating purposes, for example, the installation of a solar thermal plant, so this a grant currently from 60 Euro per square metre of collector area. There are even 105 euro per square metre of collector area for a combined hot water and heating system. But also the solar electricity is subsidized in the form of a guarantee of acceptance for excess electricity. According to the renewable energies Act (EEG) the energy fed into the public electricity grid must be reimbursed for the period of 20 years by the local electricity supplier. So, owner of a solar power plant currently get 46.75 cents per kilowatt hour. Learn more about the more than 5,000 programmes of federal countries, communities and Interested on information utilities and construction material manufacturers. Using a large database can be found here quickly and easily according to appropriate funding sources. However experts point out that the most promotions must already be requested before construction starts. Otherwise, it can happen that the asked for formal reasons will be rejected and may be completely yourself must assume the costs for the reconstruction. On the subject of “around the roof” offers everything an information brochure for builders and renovators