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Features Of Modern Manufacturing Printing Products

Features of modern manufacturing printed products. During the appearance of the first printing press to the present day a lot has happened, that much has changed, though the basic principles remain. In this article I stop leash on some products produced by modern printing, namely the booklets, posters, calendars and business cards. To date, booklets produced in two formats: A4 and A3, two folds with one fold. Print them, usually on on a thick paper or coated printing different types of printing technologies. So booklet printing can be done in two ways: offset printing and print tsyfrovaya. Tsyfrovaya print favorably with its speed, but offset by favorable press, with a circulation of more than 500 copies. Technologies for creating booklets are also a few: lamination, lamination, full or spot UV varnishing, embossing or varnish-coated offset and embossing.

If you look you can see visually that the booklet consists of three logical parts: the front part of the core content that describes products and the partition contacts with the firm. To create the design of brochures, you need to think about and do the following: logo, contact information, graphic materials (slides, photos) and text content. If the theme is dedicated to the booklet technique that may be present graphs and diagamm for clarity of information. As for the posters that are printed on the plotter (large strings of the printer width) of virtually any length. The width depends on the physical printer capabilities, there are 15-20 meters. If they are mounted on separate pieces glued together billboards are usually obtained when printing high-resolution images are not but because the advertising works at the distance of 50 – 100 meters it is negligible.

Posters also make high quality at a special high-resolution plotter. Sometimes, to increase the brilliance of the image and increase wear applies lamination, and to reduce glare matt laminate. Usually the poster printing four colors and is covered with laminated finish. Laminate flooring is resistant to moisture but of course more expensive. When putting up posters on billboards of posters to protect from rain, coated offset varnish, as it is significantly cheaper than laminate. Making calendars is usually on glossy or thicker paper. Printer on which the production of calendars, should have high resolution, since the review is a calendar with a fairly close range. In the development, design calendars should take into account the wishes of customers and have a design that would have represented the specialization of the company. At production of business cards using a special approach, as the development of corporate identity requires a well thought design, business cards, which would have represented the face of the company. Printing business cards in two ways: Offset Printing and digital. Modern printing business cards, you can create silkscreen, foil stamping, lamination and printing with UV coating. In general, this is the whole picture for today is to printing market, for a more detailed study of the manufacturing process we refer you to books on graphic arts. Who needs printing of booklets, posters or cards that are at your disposal operative polygraphy, which quickly and efficiently fulfill your order. When making calendars used the same technology as in the brochures.