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F.I.T..: Alternative For Newcomers At Closed-end Funds

Newly developed emission houses shy away from the cost of management by investors and brokers often bad Gandersheim, the 23.03.2011. How quickly because by the issuing House broker as a distributor can be obtained and how even the placement of the Fund succeeds is too unclear at the beginning. In a functioning administration, who must be plugged here initially large sums of money is often overwhelmed”, explains Wolfgang Bach, CEO of F.I.T.. financial information technology GmbH – a software house and data center, which offers outsourcing, inter alia in the area of customer relationship management, Commission accounting and project management. The F.I.T. GmbH staff know just a premise: efficient for their customers to work, what are typically suppliers of closed-end funds, investments or owners of cooperatives. Therefore, also the customer service is capitalized.

“Anyone who thinks that this performance with a simple Windows Calculator” to depict is, which is wrong. F.I.T.. is rather powerful technique (ORACLE database and) HP-Unix-Betriebssystem optimized with a workflow management system) a. 280,000 customers and 500,000 contracts so far successfully and professionally managed, show that easily large amounts of data to process. This distinguishes F.I.T..

just as a data center. The reward system is also tempting, because one-time setup costs only per contract charges. This makes the F.I.T..-management of the funds to calculate, manageable and therefore particularly interesting for just started issuing houses. This IT service does this in the data area actually about: data management, data backup, as well as the ongoing reconciliation, taking into account the data protection regulations. The issuing House, choosing to cooperate with F.I.T., can be accessed while also taking into account the above-mentioned data protection rules – over the Internet on its data. In addition furnished call center ensures the careful acquisition of all relevant information and provides additional information such as the Satisfaction of the Subscriber of the Fund. The treatment is chosen so that it can be included directly in the financial accounting of the issuer. Within the framework of the contract management all services of the investors management acquires F.I.T.. this: the acceptance and testing, as well as vote on the payment and if necessary reminders to investors information as well as the tax processing. The service character stands for F.I.T.. the focal point. This also includes that all transactions are carried out. What is generally understood by the keyword distribution partner support is one of the benefits of sales management, however. In addition to the classic collection and care also the Commission calculation including the transfers. In addition, controlling system offered the issuer of a sales, with sales reports, statistical surveys, completion rates and more sales figures achieved the. The settlement can be for smaller units as well as for multi-level. We learned about nor no company, in which We could deduct not directly up to the last level”, explains managing partner Wolfgang Bach. F.I.T.. is a fully outsourced investor – and broker management from a single source, at the highest level and with the latest technical equipment. The whole thing to a very fair price. For more information,