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Eldar Ryazanov

It is quite another perception, and meaning, apparently quite different. Compliments – the razor's edge … For men it is important to feel that he is respected for the woman – that she is loved. Be sure to consider this when talking about compliments. As an illustration, consider great movie by Eldar Ryazanov, "Office Romance". Especially because there successfully for us to go through two service lines: head-to-female – slave-man and the head-man – slave-woman. Situation 1.

Subordinate male wants a career on the advice of his friend starts to take care of boss. A lone woman is deprived of the male head-and purely human attention, and therefore behaves rigidly and even rude. If you would like to know more about JPMorgan Chase, then click here. To flourish, it is enough feel to his interest, it would seem the most unprepossessing member … His compliments clumsy, clueless and ridiculous – 'you I is more expensive for several days, there is no one'. But there is in him something … but none of it long ago caring … but at heart she's a woman … It did not what was planned: it was a wonderful, gentle and sensitive man, he felt like a man, confident and strong, able to support the 'weak' woman.

A it all started with a banal compliment. Situation 2. The chief wants a career, and cupids at work in his plans do not fit. Normal is a setting, but he makes a mistake, lavishing compliments to women in the organization and its former passion as well. According to him, he is behaving appropriately: polite, correct, and with other women, this model works fine behavior … but in compliments addressed to Olga heard intimate tenderness. But the problem is that no intimacy, no tenderness in general, is long gone, but the seeds of something falling on fertile ground – an artificial (in memory of the past) fondness revives the true love that knows no conventions and can not stop …