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Effective Online Store

– What are the technical features you advise to use online shopping to win the loyalty of the buyer, to convince him to continue to make purchases at the store, rather than those of competitors? – Which tools should refuse as from inefficient? – How do you evaluate a system of personalized sales international online store amazon. com (personal settings personal account customers, a reference to goods which, judging from previous purchases, can interested buyers, targeted mailing lists with information about the right products, but not a blind mailing)? How difficult is it technologically, in your opinion, to introduce a similar system in the Russian Internet stores? – Use Do Russian Internet shops like system that facilitates searches for a particular buyer, personalized sales? Effective online store with the development of information technology, more and more people are getting Internet access. The main goal pursued by the mass of users, namely, more than 70% – is searching for information, thus the Internet has become a large market for goods and services. Internet is gradually moved from the stage revival major consumer markets. Not surprisingly, in Russia today more and more companies from various sectors perceive the Internet as an additional effective tool sales organization. A study conducted late last year, Brunswick Warburg, showed that annual growth in the Russian market of electronic commerce is 245% and 90% of the largest companies in Russia have access to the Internet. By evaluating our company Reactor Systems – E-commerce has not yet reached its peak, because keeps pace with the development of information technologies, which in turn promptly rush forward. This material we will try to explain the language that is understandable inexperienced internet user, why should seek, opening its online store, from which tools should be discarded in order to achieve greater financial returns, and what difficulties may arise when incumbent Problem? was a pioneer in its segment, but not only that caused the stunning success, effective personalization of sales and the right advertising campaign the maximum allowed to place their trust buyers.

It turns out, – it's not just a store, but also of the same brand, like Coca-Cola or Marlboro. And this brand has a cost. The company, which specializes in the valuation of brands The World's Most Valuable Brands 2000" conducted by the company Interbrand, revealed that brand has risen in price over the past year by 233% and now stands $ 4.4 billion, in principle, the fact that the brand is worth something, no doubt. Agree with this many people, including domestic businessmen. For example, Michael ("Russian Funds") journalists' questions, trying to understand what is (for the Rambler) have been paid that kind of money (estimates range from $ 1 to $ 10 million), said: "In the first place for the brand." Thus wins not only because of the scale, which significant, but also because of the service, which allows its clients to receive only the information that really interests them. In this step, we select only a portion of advantages Amazon. Purchase history – the most demanded tool in e-commerce. It helps the buyer at any time to the history of their orders, review prices and make the necessary analysis of prices.

Since we are talking about the shop, each the buyer has to log into a personal study. It is important to provide customer discounts, they can be expressed in any form, the main thing to remember that low prices alone are not enough. Second, good serve as a tool "designed" e-mailing, ie, mailing, which contain only that information which is really interesting to customers (letter with the information generated based on the presented user prior purchases, ie system analyzes what products may interest the user and creates a kind offer, which was subsequently "flies" straight to the buyer in an email). It is important remember that once a buyer bought a unit in a shop is unlikely to want to hear from the seller an offer to buy . Chances are interested in accompanying information, such as Case bought a thermos, tea set and everything, everything that can be associated with a thermos. In organizing this kind of service is important to consider the main aspects: 1.When organization "designed" e-newsletters provide the buyer the opportunity to manage these newsletters. Buyer shall have the right to unsubscribe, if he is not interested. Do not impose the advertising buyer, this method offers your buyers to your resource. 2.Gramotno and in the case please provide the buyer with a letter of offer to purchase related goods or similar goods. 3.Vsegda gives the buyer a choice. Range of goods should not be limited by 2 kinds of names. 4.I in no If do not pass the base of email addresses of your customers to any third party whose purpose illegal electronic distribution. It's just not legal. The third tool may be called the auxiliary and designated as "Search Form goods ". This is the most interesting point, which we consider in more detail. With a large range of products it is important that the buyer was able to very quickly find not only in the menu structure and navigation of the site in general, but unable to find the specified characteristics of the goods required. Much attention should be paid to such characteristics as the "price", give the buyer a choice of pricing policy. But do not overdo it, do not overload site of a large number of unnecessary forms and elements, such as line search, subscribe to the news (unless it is directed), etc. Unfortunately the Russian market is not ready for such a deployment, in fact have their own reasons, ranging from fear of being cheated by ending corruption. The Law on Consumer Protection just crying. In conclusion, we list a number of benefits that must be provided on its trading platform to its customers. 1.Konkurentosposobnye prices, which in many cases are lower than in the off-line markets. 2., flexible search, which allows to quickly find the right product to suit individual customer requirements. 3.Predostavlenie free consultation web site managers. In some business sites already included in the rule other than e-mail as a contact number icq ( It gives the right directly consult on any matter of interest to you personally. 4.Predostavlenie various discounts in the mode of on-line. For example, when online sales worth more than $ 100, you get free shipping.