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Building of the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires. The city is the center of Argentina.
The construction sector was the most dynamic in 2006 .
In 2006 the Gross Geographic Product (PBG) from Buenos Aires was approximately 153,169 million Argentine pesos (ARS), resulting in 50,622 pesos per capita. The revenue, approximately 16,300 (USD) per capita was very than national national of that year and located in the city with the second highest per capita income in nominal terms in Latin America after Mexico City. This is because the exchange rate relatively devalued the Argentine peso, introduced major distortions because, taking into account the purchasing power, Buenos Aires has the highest output per capita in Latin America. The real PBG in 2006 grew by 11.4 over 2005 .
The main economic sectors of Buenos Aires is the services sector, which accounts for 78 of PBG in real terms, much higher than 56 nationwide. The branches are the most important real estate services, information technology, professional services, business services and leasing and financial intermediation services.
One of the most dynamic sectors were construction, as the number of permits to construct a 44 increase, with the communes 6, 8 and 11 the highest growth with a 164 , 132 and 130 respectively. The influence of the PBG in the sector amounted to 7480 million pesos in 2006.
Regarding financial services, Buenos Aires generates 70 of adding value to the Nation . Concentra 53 of bank deposits and 60 of loans to non-financial private sector, totaling 90,446 and 53,567 million pesos, respectively. In addition, 90 of the country’s financial institutions have their headquarters in this city .
Manufacturing accounts for 14.2 of PBG. The sector suffered a 10 increase over the previous year, and the items that showed a greater increase in activity is that of drugs, chemicals and garments, which exceeded 14 . The items of “food, drinks and snuff,” “Drugs for human use” and “Paper and printing” account for 60 of revenues in the sector .
In recent years Buenos Aires became a tourist center, especially at the low cost place for foreign visitors, the devaluation of the peso. Between 2002 and 2004 the number of hotel establishments increased by 10.7 , while the rate of occupied rooms was a significant increase of 42.9 .
In the city there is a significant development of services. In Buenos Aires are installed approximately 70 of enterprises generating software, that national exports by more than 340 million dollars .

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