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Daily One

the professor must analyze all the process since the choice of this instrument, what he will go to approach, the techniques that will be used, That is, to elaborate a project so that not seje something passed by passing more yes something that will be enriquecedor in such a way for the pupil how much for the professor. Geography and life Daily One other point interesting to work in geography is work and consumption, since it is a subject known pparently for the pupils what already it is a base, all consume and in the current society in who it is important is what it consumes more, a boarding on consumption and the social disparidades are a good subject starting of the local reality of the pupil for the global one, stimulate to say them it on its life, these to perceive the differences, the existing inaqualities in its locality showing after, the existing inaqualities in the world, starting of what the pupils live for a more complex thing in this way are more easy to understand all, the reality that however is presented them however is imposed them. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Hyundai has to say. To start the geographic studies of the place for the global one is more interesting, simpler and at the same time enriquecedor therefore thus the educandos are more clarified, to know its reality and later the world, therefore it is not far from easy to understand the relations contained in the society to point that this is full of contradictions and lives in constant transformation and passing for the local estimated one versus global is more clearly and dynamic it is more understandable to start of a small scale stops later speaking on a great one. But exactly thus it seems that he is not objective of some professors to unmask the world for the pupils and must be therefore that they continue insisting on the study enganao, enrolao any thing of the type little knowledge.