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Customer Navigation

Customer navigation: 5 star speaker Martin Krengel shows how companies offering the right purchasing decision for customers can simplify. We suffer from Zuvielitis? Speaker Martin Krengel the speaker agency can know how you simplify 5 star speakers of consumer psychology, by clever customer management, purchasing decisions and promote. Consumers today can choose from 10,000 to 20,000 products in a supermarket, offers 143 different cell phones, Samsung 360 TV and DIY stores approximately 6 metres of shelf screws. “” “” “Who specifically looking for job offers from a month for young professionals, is at Monster in purchasing” over 140 points in the sales “over 700, in marketing” and in controlling “about 400, in controlling” 407 and the staff “almost 600 points. (To-do)Diversity demotivated. Research and practice teach consumers unfortunately often the opposite. The Zuvielitis but delayed decisions! Some studies of the (consumer) confirm that psychology. As built U.S.

researchers a tasting booth for jam in a California supermarket and offered there alternately 24 or 6 jams. With the large amount of product, 60 percent of passersby on the offer became aware only 40 percent at the small selection. The variety was initially curious, but that the 6 types of jam to the election had, bought 30 percent glass jam, with the large amount of product it was meager 3 percent! As well, it could be shown that are voluntarily insured workers for an American pension insurance fell, the more alternatives to choose from were. A company offered only two options, 75 percent completed an insurance. In companies where many options were available, there were only 60 percent.

Closely examine many prospective buyers wanted the options later, if they have time,”. “5 Star speakers, consumer psychologist and time management expert Martin Krengel knows that you usually later” never does. The result: The purchase is. Calls just to check an additional product, Effort. The more products the choice available, these mental costs are higher”, has to pay the customer. Who offers products, wants to explain and sell, must know the mental barrier of the consumer and take into account the enormous product and information load. Fortunately, there are principles and methods to assist customers in the decision-making process. The lecture of customer navigation “keynote speaker and time management coach Martin taught in four very specific starting points Krengel companies and entrepreneurs to their products and services better structure, offers to streamline and to make the communication of information, as well as the marketing ffizient. Guest speaker Krengel wrote his doctoral thesis on this topic, even a company operates, many lectures and advises companies and entrepreneurs to improve their offer.