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Commerzbank AG Sem

Investment compliance checking by SemTrac software optimizes the Commerz real, a 100% subsidiary of Commerzbank AG, with more than 40 years of market experience and a managed volume of 40 billion euros, decides after a tender process for the Sem.FUNDS.line of SemTrac offers a comprehensive and user friendly designed platform solution with clear reports for the fast and detailed control of the mutual and special funds IT consulting company SemTrac AG and their Sem.FUNDS.line, the software for testing of investment limits, with various standard interfaces to custodian banks, core banking, fund accounting systems and market data providers. By means of scenario training in investment compliance checking, the compliance of all investment limits in relation to the investment decision can be checked with Sem.FUNDS.line, already prior to the purchase or sale of real estate. The project started real SAP consultant and project leader Michael in January 2011 under the guidance of the SemTrac Board vorsitzenden Maria Schwaighofer and of Commerz Muller. The previous external investment compliance checking was using Sem.FUNDS.line integrated into the SAP system of the Commerz real and the going live took place after successful trial on schedule in April 2011. More information about SemTrac and Sem.FUNDS.line, get on the Internet at SemTrac Consulting AG Eichbichlstrasse 1 83071 stephanskirchen T 08031/40899-0 PR: Christine Wittmann cewe marketing services