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Choosing Hardware

The choice of fittings is not less important than the choice of the door. On the quality of fittings depends how much you serve for the door, as well as the extent to which it will be nice and safe. Door hardware – it's different additional door components – locks, hinges and handles, etc. Door hardware steel door can solve the decorative and functional tasks. Decorative accessories designed to enhance the appearance of doors. Functional accessories carry the significant burden and is responsible for "work" the door and the level of security.

Let us consider some types of door hardware. Hinges. Depending plumb leaf determined by the required number of door hinges to install it. The main thing – after installing the door should effortlessly opened and closed. Depending on the design there are several types of loops: – standard, consisting of a pin (axis of rotation) and put on his cap. These loops are easy to use and are characterized by low cost.

However, during use, they quickly deteriorate and disappear – hinges with the ball, which is located between the pin and the bottom cap. This type of loop has a more long-life compared with the standard. Also, the loops are open, semi-concealed and hidden. When the use of open loop door opening angle is practically unlimited, but minus those loops – extremely low level of burglary. Therefore, if you intend to put the doors in places where such factors as the level of burglary plays a big role, it is best to use concealed hinges, even at the loss of her wide open. In order to reduce all thought and agonizing over the choice, you can buy any input metal door "Outpost" which are equipped with different hidden door hinges. Advantage will also be faster and better installation of doors, "Outpost". Locks – one of the most important element of any door, because of their quality depend on how successfully the door will resist attempts to break-in. Today, the most popular are the cylinder and lever locks. Lever locks have a security mechanism to be set up Only the factory key. The secret portion of the cylinder lock is a set of movable pins, which are aligned with the key in a certain order. Degree of secrecy of the cylinder lock depends on the number of pins. Lock mechanism may include additional elements: latches, actuators, and even a spare locking device. Experts advise to put on the front door two locks of different types, which will ensure proper level of security. Also, try to buy locks known, reputable firms. By the door furniture, which is also desirable to use when installing doors are various devices for additional security: peephole, door chain, door seal. In general, the practice shows that good quality supplies not only pleases aesthetically, but also improves performance Quality doors, extends its service life and improves safety.