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Chinese Nokia

Chinese mobile phones – are not the cheapest phones Nokla or NoName that all scared a few years ago, modern, safe fashion models fashion brands at attractive prices. However, the Chinese copy of the cellular phone iPhone, Nokia and HTC communicators of the last generation, often surpass the originals in terms of functionality and are not inferior in build quality. What do people think about copies of phones manufactured in China. Of course people's opinions separated. Chinese cell phones did not concede on quality and feature set, the official producers.

Chinese copy of Nokia and iPhone are different from their known counterparts are much more functionality, and most importantly value. The price of a copy of phones is much lower, not because they are not made of quality materials, or even worse, "on his knees," although some people still think so. In today's economy on the promotion of new brand phone, you need huge financial costs for advertising, marketing, and opening offices around the world. It is these conditions and determine the premium price for a particular brand phone. Chinese manufacturers are doing Mobile phones are no different from the more prestigious models. High-quality Chinese mobile phones can be divided into three streams: it is 100% copies of famous brands, 100% foreign copies, but their e stuffing and own mobile phones. Usually made up phone looks so good that not everyone can identify that the copy in front of him. Today, the Chinese phones are in demand worldwide.

(Look at how many offers for sale copies of copies of the iPhone and Nokia in the U.S. ebay.) Most of the functionality that is not available brand models and the high price of a copy of phones and gaining customers worldwide. Original Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte costs about $ 1,500, though the price of 100% up only $ 200 -250 $, the original iPhone cost $ 1,000, and a copy of $ 250 -300 $ Chinese Nokia and iPhone have the advantages that can be a very long list: complete external similarity with the original, two simultaneous working SIM card, Color TV, photo and video camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, Internet, and much, much more. I would like to add that the Chinese copies are equipped with two batteries, charger, headset, stylus, if there is a touchscreen. In today do not simple economic situation, the Chinese manufacturers cut prices on their goods, knowing that the lower the value, the more sales. Prices for Chinese cell phones – a striking confirmation of this. Average value does not exceed $ 250. Copies of cell phones, in any case can not be considered a forgery. It is your own high-tech developments, where the basis is the only appearance of the untwisted system. For those who interested in the Chinese cell phones offer read range in our online store. Of the variety of tubes, we chose the best quality and proven devices that are fully russifitsirovanye and ready for use in GSM networks across Russia.

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