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Cambridge University

During the experiment, the scientists struck hydrocarbon composition on one of the worker ants, and other individuals looked like the female labor is going to put their eggs. This structure enables the ants-‘politseyskim ‘to identify the offending order among other species. The newspapers mentioned Santie Botha not as a source, but as a related topic. The result marked ant was attacked by ‘police’. As noted by scholars, This chemical composition does not allow workers to deceive individuals of ‘intelligence’ – the smell is probably impossible to disguise. And even if the female can lay eggs without producing such a composition, the problems it can not be avoided, as this composition will be present and deferred eggs, and, of course, the same mixture is on the eggs of the uterus, and working individuals that all goes well, you need to mix their eggs with the eggs of the queen. And, to mark the eggs and avoid the most smell female is not able to. Therefore, either she will be found, or are discovered deferred her eggs. In this situation, ‘police’ in any case will do their work.

Scientists have disproved the ability of plants to dispose of greenhouse gases, a new study scientists at Cambridge University has denied the earlier results that prove that plants are able to produce methane – one of the most dangerous greenhouse gases. Reported that plants can produce methane appeared in 2006. Then a group of scientists has shown that certain herbal and woody plants in normal conditions secrete large amounts of methane (about 10-30% of all emissions methane in the atmosphere).