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Business Luck

But the reality is that which is irregular billing but 40% of total turnover! After 13 months, resigned. He said he had earned enough to do what you really wanted to do, being an entrepreneur and he was leaving. And so a calm and friendly ended our working relationship. After about six months we went back to match, had not been well. It had not been able to teach its sales system to any other business and the company kept by the commercial work he personally did. After a year closed the company and returned to work as a trade, but not with me, did not want who had known him knew of his failure as a businessman. He continued working in various companies until I lost track. He never returned to get the results you got to work with us.

Perhaps he had lost his “lucky star”. I fervently hope that you have recovered over the years that we have not seen. I would say it was for a time in the right company with the right product and at the right time, and that this combination never found. 5 – Case 2 – The consistency and persistence – Now let’s change of scenery. Few years ago when I was sales manager for a software company that marketed large systems – our clients were obviously large companies or corporations – and late at night, was designing a supply to our customer base to offset the decline in new customers operations.

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