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Berlin Film Festival

At the opening of the Berlin Film Festival in 2012 the traditional annual reception around KunstKino sponsorship takes place this year. Berlin, February 2, 2012 – more people visit museums and theaters as football stadiums. 14.7 million cinema-goers included the German Repertory cinemas and film art theatre 2010 and achieved a market share of just under 12 percent this, Matthias Munke pleased, holder specialised agency brand “RELITA” the sophisticated presentations in the cinema advertisement, “and film art is equally in large cities as assumed in the region.” With the rise of visitors in the more affluent generation 50 plus to over 42 per cent share of the total cinema is this for cinema and advertising always more interesting. Whether futuristic Muliplex cinemas here are up to date and stay, if so-called “best agers” once the largest customer group, is questionable. (Not to be confused with Pinterest!). KunstKino sponsorship is not a fundraising,”says Matthias Munke continue sponsors take incalculable risks through verifiable equivalents. The atomization the media plays individual concepts and speeches downright in the hands. Also findings of neuro marketing can be integrated.

Cinema tickets sold, other than projections, a concrete value of media are quantitative. To read more click here: Wells Fargo Bank. Numerous analyses to cinema and cinema-goers exist from neutral sources are also high convincing. The reception held this year between 20: 00 and midnight in the lounge of the MOVIEMENTO cinema in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany’s oldest cinema Kottbusser Damm 22, instead of to achieve with the U7 and U8 station Hammond place. Logins on welcome.php also on the event day until 18: 00. Matthias Munke.