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The majority of the heads do not promise that they’re going to promote in such discussions, but at least you get an idea of which may be your expectations. 3 Attitude. Put passion, pride and belief in everything that you do the people that promote are people who feels that they have a sense of pride in their work. They are driven by the enthusiasm and genuine desire to make the I work better, no matter how small is the work. They believe in themselves and believe in the goals of your department or the company in general. How to get the rise? Ask yourself if you do your work with pride, passion and belief. 4.

That this this backed with your skills, knowledge, direction and action take pride, passion and belief is just one part of how to get a promotion. This management must be supported by your skills and knowledge. That means that you have the skills and the knowledge necessary to do your job well. Having an address is important to guide that energy generated by your passion. Otherwise, the effort is in vain.

No action (that is doing and finishing the job well done) everything else is academic. At work you will be judged by what you do. 5 Look at challenges as opportunities another tip for your way to get a promotion is to see challenges as opportunities. Very often I see that new tasks given to the young executives and new challenges and opt to see it as an additional task. If you want to promote you look at challenges as opportunities to shine. Don’t complain if the work seems difficult or that the work yours is harder than your colleagues. Trust me, nobody wants to know how hard that is your job. In everyone’s mind, their own job is the most difficult.