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Astrid Kaiser

Tips for the formation of the baby wellbeing all parents want for their children only the best. Well-read, their offspring in baby courses, register for baby swimming and much more contact. But be careful: the funding in a flooring can end abruptly. So that this doesn’t happen, the educational scientist Astrid Kaiser at the news portal gives helpful tips. For Astrid Kaiser, baby education has nothing to do with language courses for infants. It contains the term much more, because from the first day, the babies are in a daily learning process.

This can and should be supported by the parents in a natural way and promoted, since he is responsible for good health and especially for the personality development of the baby. So four educational objectives in the first year of life at the bottom: the emotional stability trust, security, motivation to learn; social competence awareness and setting up an intense relationship to the main caregiver; the motor skills, independent Upright, sideways and forward moving, as well as the perception. Watch, keys, listening, smelling and tasting belong to the latter. When exactly in any of these areas of progress be made, should be not pressed in calendar or measured at the best friend’s baby, that was so much further”was. Every child has his own development workflow, in which such values should serve only as a rough guide. As a general rule, not to overplay the baby and to support the development in the playful approach. More information: health /… GmbH Lisa Neumann