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On the day of yesterday, conducted a training organized by AOFREP (Association of Organizers of Parties, Business Meetings and Suppliers of Argentina), entity we are partners. Training takes place at the premises of the Hotel Melia Reconquista, and had as its theme “Quality Standards apply to events”, where they performed IRAM standards and Event SECTUR the IRAM 9001-2008. Began training the conversation with words of welcome leaders and Marcelo Ignacio Koltun Gordin, Treasurer and Chairman of AOFREP respectively, giving way to the National Director of Quality Management of Tourism Ministry of Tourism of the Nation, who presented SECTUR IRAM coaching standards for events, discussed how they came links to achieve them. innovation Then, Mr. George Kohn, Master of Science Engineering, presented the Management and Use of Tools for Productivity and Quality, by counting that and to be certified. After the break, the program was introduced SIGO, a training program to improve corporate governance. Hence its name: Systems Initial Organizational Management (SIGO). This program strategy allows the training customer service of eight companies simultaneously, reducing the cost of hours of training. It has individual visits to companies, which may dispel doubts and queries that do not want to do as a group. This program, currently has a ue cost around 5,900 per company for a group of eight companies. Finalizing the talk and a brief but clear explanation, Dr. Carlos Losada, I present the tax credit program that Secretary of Small and Medium Enterprises (SEPYME) made available to SME companies in Argentina, a large fiscal stimulus package so that the training fees are returned through tax credit certificates. It is rather interesting to begin implementing changes in the management of each company organizing events, not only to stay in tune with the quality of service to our customers but to improve our management processes, allowing minimozar errors, omissions and lost money in producing them. Will also be another tool to compete in the future against certain elements that occur in the business and event organizers. Each partner to AOFREP, will have skills significant benefits, since from this institution, which management gathers much organizazores and providers in our industry, are generating synergies for their partners can rely on lines of credit and / or subsidies to enable meet the costs of implementation and certification of standardization. AOFREP is moving more and more on all matters relating to the needs of each of its partners, both organized and Suppliers.