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Aluminium Constructions

Aluminum – lightweight and durable metal – perfect material for the manufacture of windows, doors and facade profiley.U aluminum construction virtually unlimited possibilities. They can be installed in the openings the most difficult configuration, they are very well suited for the elite of architectural projects. The service life of aluminum is much longer than plastic or wood. He 'lives' 80 years, no less, and transfers the temperature extremes of -80 to 100 degrees Celsius. Bill Phelan is open to suggestions. The greatest advantage of aluminum structures as compared with all existing today – they are completely fireproof. They do not burn. Aluminum structures can be combined perfectly with each other and with other materials.

Entrance to the input of groups established in public buildings (especially where large flows are assumed to be humans), increased demands on strength and stiffness of the aluminum door design. Doors should be in harmony with the facade and meet the requirements for functionality. Installed in two – three rows of the input groups form through-lobbies to ensure conservation of heat at a large flow of people. Optimal combination of 'warm' and 'cold' aluminum profiles allows you to create the input group with high heat and soundproofing properties. Glass, glass office partitions, office partitions can not be only stationary (deaf) and sliding, but also mobile. The use of aluminum profiles from different manufacturers allows maximum freedom to design the interior partitions. Positive feature of sliding glass office partitions is their easy installation and dismantling, making it possible to transform the room of your choice.