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Month: August 2023

Feelings And Energy

Requires a fundamental change in the first place in the colors of the walls and floor, as well as layout, colors and materials of furniture. Desired colors, again found with the help of intuition and imagination, presenting what is lacking for a more comfortable state. – In the room, or selected parts of it appear distinct negative feelings expressed in including physically (in the form of headaches, muscle weakness, tightness and pain in the heart, chest tightness, shortness of breath, etc.). Such feelings can say that there are a This part of the house of geopathic zones or crustal faults, as well as various violations of the natural earth's magnetic field. Correction of these situations is very complex and requires specialist. If these feelings occur in most of the apartments, it is often the best option is to move to another place of residence. Identify the most suitable destination for those rooms of the apartment where you noted the good energy (including place, requiring a small correction) is best to allocate to the most important rooms. For example, this could be: a bedroom, nursery, office and etc.

(More precise recommendations can be given after the analysis of personal energy Cards person). Rooms in which you want a serious correction, after the conference, you can take a secondary room where you are much less time. If the apartment, there are places with very interior room, rate after 2-3 weeks of changing perceptions in this area. Improvement or deterioration of Energy says the room respectively, right or wrong choice of colors, shapes and materials in the interior. If the same feelings after an adjustment has not changed, it's likely, but needed much more drastic correction methods, such as re-planning (in this situation it is desirable to see a specialist, who able through the calculations to choose the best version of the redistribution of energy in the house). It is best if you gradually from room to room, make adjustments and keep track of changes have taken place there. This approach enables you to accurately track what and how much impact on energy at home, and what methods of correction are effective in every room. Finally I want to say that the described intuitive approach is very useful not only beginners and experts of feng shui, as it allows you to quickly assess the correctness of the calculations of energy at home. Because the calculation is correct only if it is confirmed by your feelings.

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