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Month: July 2021

Michael Braner

in 2008, the company achieved the first place at the Hessian innovation award and was a finalist in the innovation award of the German economy. A year earlier there were the special special innovations”of the Hessian climate protection competition industry, trade, crafts and award maker 2007″. Michael Braner, co-founder of the company and today’s Managing Director: We greatly appreciate the award of the German Chamber of industry and Day of Chamber of Commerce and the magazine impulse. A related site: Jane Fraser mentions similar findings. It shows us that you not always simple efforts for environmental protection and energy saving in Germany with the institutions and executives are positively seen in the daily action and learn their consent.” Innovative, subsequently integrated systems for energy saving and heat recovery develop and build a sustainable electric power, gas and reduce water and chemical costs and protect the environment – this is the core competence and the business model of the Quint sdi GmbH of Hesseneck in the Odenwald. With more than 3,500 worldwide as well as in many cases assigned to installed systems and equipment for manufacturing companies saving successes of 100,000 euros within a few months is one of the company today among the leading suppliers and service providers in this area. With their extensive initial consultation, its concepts and its exact implementation the Quint sdi GmbH improves considerably the competitiveness of companies, even more so than the capital return time/amortization often at just a few months and special funding programs of public authorities with discounted interest rates can be used to finance. This was awarded for the outstanding achievements of the company in the field of energy saving and environmental protection, which include also the energy consulting and energy measurement in companies, 1996 founded and today 25 people scoring companies often.

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Buzz Marketing

Well it is reduced because the proper users make great part of the work. Also it can be immediate, the rapidity and the reach of the Internet allows that let us communicate in them with any person, in any place and at any time. Although fast, the necessary mouth-the-mouth of human contact direct and goes only until the internal circle of the communicator. The communities on-line and the rooms of chat, however, desire one frum anonymous where if it can share and learn lies with an infinite number of people with similar wills. the Buzz Marketing also can be direct. The personalization is aspect that it makes the Buzz attractive Marketing highly for marks directed toward the young public, who if shows skeptical more to the advertising of traditional mass.

Many retailers of the Internet instigate the testimonial programs and for a good reason: the confidence is a basic characteristic in any relationship and appears when the recommendation of a friend is involved, or implicit. For Chetochine (2006), in a campaign of Buzz Marketing, the consumer if becomes the great media. Therefore, it is necessary that all the efforts need to be come back to all supply to this media the possible impact. On blogs or weblogs, Even so some can discard blog as I finish it shelter of the empedernidos badly-informed ones, it are a vehicle that the men of Marketing would have to take the serious one. … blogs has much to see with Buzz, this if the topic of the wordiness of blogger will be its mark. These sites are found total are of control.

Truth or lie, its proprietors can say what to want e, when they reveal enough provocative or amused, almost always they conquer some type of public. To look fofocas in the Internet became a popular pastime. … We would not recommend to postar an employee in each blog, but we find important to give to attention to the Buzz on-line on a company or marks.

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