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Month: January 2017

Dortmund Solution

Document management system for construction companies distinguished by practical features, easy handling, as well as connect to mobile devices, Leipzig, 07.10.2013 – the data well Leipzig GmbH & co. KG can rejoice this year two IT Awards. With the digital construction file, a document management that is specifically geared to the workflows and requirements of contractors the company from Leipzig finished second of the Westphalian IT price. This was awarded for the first time in Dortmund in the Congress of Westphalia. The focus of the event, “the subject was big data – storage, structuring, and real-time analysis of large volumes of data. Learn more at: Ben Silbermann. The digital construction file scored on the one due to their flexible applicability, and on the other hand by the continuous availability and evaluation of all project documents.

Just for the construction industry, permanent access to guarantees and certificates, or the processing of incoming invoices directly on site can be a valuable benefit. Keeps data good with the digital construction file provides a very flexible business solution based on innovative Web technology in conjunction with classic document management. For customers in the construction industry, this solution offers a high return on investment (ROI) quickly because operations with high cost and yield potential can be recorded in detail and quickly processed. Through the Cloudansatz the use is very simple, but also tablets or smart phones play an important role with wide-ranging functions (E.g. cameras for documentation of defects and disabilities) in the application”, explained Peter Hager, Chairman of the Board of the regional IT-IT Club Dortmund Association and Advisory Board of the Congress, the decision of the jury.

Also was able to convince with the combination of digital construction file and modern building site documentation data well. It aims, the time-consuming capture, assign and edit various structural damage on the construction site to simplify and to speed up. For the merging of the two approaches data goods took the mid of the year Award for best SAPERION solution 2013 “by its long-standing premium partner – the SAPERION AG from Berlin – contrary to. Practical functions of industry solution, such as the mobile recording of defects and disabilities, the direct selection of the defect to the building plan and fast forwarding to the responsible employee were decisive for the award. This not only saves time and typing, but laid the Foundation for a complete documentation in the warranty, as well as later verification at the same time”, said Lutz Varchmin, Vice President, direct sales, SAPERION AG.

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Diagnosis Of The OECD

The budget deficit and rising unemployment slowing consumer spending, business investment, which benefits from lower interest rates Management and could boost growth. If one is choosing a new condo and interested in real estate projects. Exports, driven by the expansion of Asian countries, could be sustained. Many commentators argue for a significant decline in tax revenue, because the level of taxes and the high progressivity of the income tax discourages the middle class. PayNet is full of insight into the issues. You can make a more pessimistic picture: for non-compliance with the reform of public enterprises and the social security system, successive governments have had to steadily increase prices. The level reached by them now paralyzed economic system.

The Times of India
NEW DELHI: The global slowdown continues to impact Indias exports which fell from 16 in January 2009 to 12.4 billion from 14.7 billion in the corresponding period last year.
GMA News
Manila, Philippines – James Yap came up with an import-like performance in a 131-121 drubbing of Pure Foods Talk ‘N Text Sunday’ s most important race of the Moto Lite-PBA Fiesta Cup at the Araneta Coliseum. In the center of of all that is uniquely Austin in particularly Barton Place condominiums in Austin, Texas
Business Capital Standard India
Reflecting deepening economic recession, India’s imports of industrial goods and other non-oil items fell for the first time in the current fiscal GNPR Investments in January .

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Company Organization

If proclaimed values which then are not taken into account at all when assessing people, there is no consistency with actual policies; Thirdly, through the decisions that are taken in the business day to day. Again, people will realize the consistency that have those decisions. And, finally, through effective communication at all levels of the Organization of the intentions and decisions of the company, of the policies adopted. Very important in the development of research conducted to highlight as Helen Wilkinson brings the benefits that confidence manifests in the enterprise, organization, are individuals and departments can cooperate among themselves as an integrated team. If no confidence is generated, each one is dedicated to your things, not to the common good or general interest of the company or organization. When there is confidence, there is fluidity, exchange of ideas, pro-activity.

The worker thinks if same, does not expect instructions. Becomes owner of his own work and contributes to initiatives that provide added value. He is not afraid that they penalize you in case of mistake or that someone is going to steal their ideas, their contribution. All this influences the organization forward and not stagnate in inherited behaviors of the past in inertia. And of course, also influences in the development of the worker since then very important is to determine which symptoms are manifested across the enterprise where prevailing distrust and how this affects the organizational climate, giving way to a highly unproductive, disharmonic behavior.

About it, comment there symptomatology that indicate that there is mistrust such as: depressions, anxieties, lower medical stress, excessive mobility, low motivation, the fluidity of information, among others. At the end of all this importance of confidence in the company of the need that she manifests, Wilkinson says, that if there is no trust, there is no real commitment. Without This, the mercenary reactions should not be a surprise, so it would have to be prepared to accept that the worker will not worry about the overall good of the company. In short, for the Venezuelan case, management must warrants than his leadership, direction, especially the crisis facing non-step with its actions to that mistrust appears, quite the opposite is an opportunity to test how well trained, prepared to face the challenges and how to maintain always active to your human resource where this has confidence and always waiting for the support.

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Russian Ministry

All of these work and costs that are often included in the regulations and are presented for payment, included in the rules and contractor overhead costs to be paid separately can not be. When paying customer of the works that are performed after the date of the object in operation is necessary to clarify the rationale for and source of funding for these works, as well as in such cases, additional targeted funding, as a rule, be granted. One of the most common violations is that the repair of buildings and structures, when the objects are registered on the balance of the customer and are in operation, with the contractors do not hold the value of the electricity consumed for the job. Costs contractor for the consumed electricity rates in the acts included in the form of COP-2, and the customer should not be re-compensated. Please visit Wells Fargo Bank if you seek more information. If found to overestimate the value works in the form of acts of COP-2 reduces the amount of customer over-funding or payable to the contracting organization (according to the Regulation on accounting of long-term investments approved by the Russian Ministry of Finance letter of 30.12.1993 N 160). Construction and repairs that are performed at an altitude forests provide for the application (inventory and neinventarnyh), the cost of installation and disassembly of which in some cases is a large part of the total amount of work. It should be keep in mind that the use of forests neinventarnyh allowed only in the repair of complex facades of architectural forms and the availability of project justification. .

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