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Month: October 2016

German Companies In Russia:

About some problems of german Russian communication often we must agency determine in our marketing clients – German medium-sized companies – have although economically exemplary planned market entry into Russia, but poorly with the intercultural subject matter addressed. To understand why this important issue in part is neglected, we met german Russian business communication for an interview with an expert in the field. About wife Dr. (Not to be confused with Ben Silbermann!). Elena Minakova Bambo: Dr. Elena Minakova Bambo is native Muscovite. She taught at the Academy for international relations (MGIMO) Moscow, at the University of Innsbruck and the University of Munich. For many years, she supported numerous German and international companies in their business activities with Russia (including Siemens AG, Mannesmann AG, Sony Austria, South chemicals AG, medical group, Palfinger AG).

Since 2006, Mrs. Dr. Elena Minakova Bambo is independent Working seminar leader. Their company Russia competence: Intercultural training & courses “a wide range of intercultural training and seminars in preparation for the cooperation with Russian partners, or use of the Russia offers. Interview Elena, not of course is that one is familiar from abroad or the market in a foreign country with its culture and peculiarities of the business environment? Unfortunately not – according to statistics intercultural training offered only about 1/3 of the companies, mostly for exotic”regions such as Asia and the Middle East. Especially when the top managers already have intercultural experiences in other countries, many companies keep their intercultural competence for Russia surprisingly for granted. Many professionals and executives expect that the potential for misunderstandings on the Russian market is considerably smaller than in far eastern countries such as China or India. The cultural differences are between the Germans and the Russians often underestimated – because many promising projects are already failed. One often hears of the unique position”of Russian culture, Russia’s position between Europe and Asia. What does this mean for the german Russian business practice? What should you orient yourself in the shops in Russia, Europe or Asia rather? It can be no definite answer.

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BRAZIL References

It fits to the involved ones (employer and collaborator) to work in set so that these preventive procedures have efficiency. 6 Conclusion the work is essential for the maintenance of the society in the direction to supply goods and services to supply the necessities human beings. The work environment suffers influences lends of forces, either physical, chemical it, mechanics, ergonomic etc. Due to these forces suffered in the work, it can present unhealthy and dangerous characteristics. For the minimizao of the effect that these forces can cause the collaborator the company is responsible for the supply and training of the same ones for the use of the EPIs. The EPIs has the purpose of protection of risks susceptible to threaten security and the health of the worker. The NRs supplies to the collaborating responsibilities how much the use and conservation of the EPIs and to the employer the gratuitous supply, instructions of use and inspection of the same ones. Details can be found by clicking Jeremy Tucker or emailing the administrator. However, the protection against accidents total is not guaranteed by EPIs, is necessary of one efficient politics of security and health in the work, for this it has that to have investments and to fulfill the disposals imposed in the legislation of the competent area.

7 BRAZIL References. It would carry n 3214 of 08/06/78. In: Prescribed norms in Security and Medicine of the Work (Ministry of Work), So Paulo: Atlases, 1992. GOMES, Appeared Juliana. Program of Prevention of Ambient Risks. Available in: . Access in: 26 of September of 2010. GONALVEIS, Wilson Jose.

Introduction to the Labor laws. Great field.: Ed. ALJ-MS, 2010? (Collection Cardinal? Volume 3). MTE, Consolidation of Working Laws – CLT. Available in: . Access in: 3 of October of 2010. IT HISSES, Of Placid e, Legal Vocabulary. 6 ed. Rio De Janeiro: Forensic, 1980. UNESP, Program of Prevention of Ambient Risks. Available in: . Access in: 3 of October of 2010. ENRIQUE, Pablo. Environment of work. Available in: . Access in: 15 of September of 2010.

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Online Shopping And Its Pitfalls

The right strategy decides In the age of online shopping, the importance of price comparison sites, online auction houses and live shopping portals is growing steadily. More and more people are entering the Internet bargain hunting rather than to squeeze through huge crowds at department stores. However, many traps, which device the customer on rogue traders or defective goods wait in the Web. For this reason, a strategy is needed, which makes the online purchase to a stress-free experience. The consumer portal reports about tips and tricks for the bargain-hunting on the net.

First, it is advisable, if the client already knows what product he’s specifically looking for. So he can get a comprehensive overview of price, merchant rating, delivery costs and time of different providers of computer games as, cameras on price comparison sites. Who is itself unclear, simply is a filtered search through various articles. Live shopping portals are, however, only for quick buyer have suitable, which ideally very well with the desired product familiar made himself. Otherwise threatening unreasonable Fehlkaufe and time-consuming reversals.

The different online stores are far more popular. The most famous shine through a wide range of secure payment options and countless customer reviews. Before amateur user reviews should be taken up but in eight. Often no real shortcomings of the product can be thus identified or the subjective post was composed out of pure ignorance out. Information from journals, are far more effective online test reports or entries in specific forums. More information: service/press contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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