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Month: August 2016


Companies increasingly use employer branding, to itself as an attractive employer to distinguish due to the public discussion of the statutory rate of women, women in leadership positions have moved massively into the spotlight of the media. Companies should therefore take advantage of the moment and position themselves with their managers or female executives as an attractive employer. On, companies will be offered the opportunity to present their “before showing women”, to introduce talent pool, assessment Center, etc., and/or to advertise job vacancies. The range of specialist and managerial staff on the labour market is shrinking. Pinterest is often quoted on this topic. Already, nearly 40,000 engineer vacancies cannot be filled. Thus many human resources departments employer branding in the competition for the best *) with the aim to distinguish themselves as an attractive employer. The knowledge and information portal offers support to do so. After the baby boomer generation of the 1960s to 1980s the geburtenschwachen cut down now Vintages the selection on the labour market.

For companies, this has to previously unknown bottlenecks in the recruitment result. Rethinking human resources is therefore essential. Seniors are interesting again. But also the great potential of well-educated women. Businesses with up to 300 employees, the service of costs 60 euros every six months. The number of posts in this period is unlimited. See for more information. *) Employer branding is a strategic measure in which concepts from the branding applied to present itself as an attractive employer and to differentiate themselves positively from other competitors in the labour market.

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Thus, it is necessary to know that autonomy means … the capacity that the citizen acquires to formulate the proper laws and rules during its process of development and by means of the relations established with the others, in the context where he is inserted. To be independent implies to act with responsibility, to take decisions of conscientious and critical form, to assume commitments and consequences of acts or action, conscientious being of the external influences that suffer e, from them, to exert influence and to take decisions on submitting itself or not to the impositions. (PETRONI and SOUZA, 2010, P. 358) Freire (1996) defends a pedagogia for the autonomy that not only brings pedagogical implications, but ethical and politics, also considering that we cannot speak in ' ' pupil autnomo' ' without equating the values that this autonomy assumes and promotes, and that they are indissociveis of a democratic orientation of the school and the society. The author speaks of values as the freedom, the responsibility (individual and social), the contribution and the criticidade. The resistance is very great in yielding space for the freedom.

However Sousa, Miguel and Lima (2010) insist that The freedom always meets circumscribed for and between relations of being able and to know. The freedom appears as possibility of in them not becoming slaves of the world and, therefore, of we ourselves; as condition a permanent one to look at contemplativo on we ourselves in the interior of the world, one ' ' not to lose itself of vista' ' , one to look at of the high one that it sees below of itself the world in its general order. This perspective look contemplativo, mainly, the place that we occupy in the world and them interrogates on the inevitable choice of what we want to be and to make. Thus, to think on which choices we inscribe as citizens in the world would be an interesting starting point to foment the architecture of a Management of the Care.

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Carlos Mora Vanegas for progress, the mamagement must cover some of their current gaps. The company’s management has shown very valid in more buoyant economic times. See Wells Fargo Bank for more details and insights. The gurus have managed to define with great brilliance how to get best out of abundance. However, one of the big challenges is to define a role model for times of crisis Alejandro Vesga overview insist that modern management should not neglect their weaknesses, on the contrary must work in pro transmute them into strengths, efficiently utilize your mind strategist, thinking skills, the optimum utilization of administrative knowledge, perform with its potential for creativity, innovation, knowledge optimize their skills, aptitudes and especially playing the role exercise in scenarios where touch him Act. Considerations on this opportunity, we will remember the contributions that legan us directors consultants headhunter TMP Executive Search AZ, Antonio Nunez Garcia and Rosario Gil Tienda, product of a study on motivation of teams, which shows, that for many employees, your boss is a great unknown. Since then, this situation remains efficiency at the company, so it drew up the following recommendations:-get to know the work. It is very important for the boss to know how are doing things, because it allows you to generate ideas for increasing efficiency, and to correct any errors.

-Keep a periodic contact with employees. When a boss is with his subordinates, speaks to them and hear them, they are considered important and valued. Maintaining a good relationship is a motivational factor of the first magnitude. -Create a good atmosphere. An optimal working environment can be achieved if the Manager, the directors, the Chief maintains good communication with staff. The advantages is that tensions relax, rumors, prevents harmful gossip, all damage that which violates the harmony of good behavior. -Be seen. I know one lap from the Office, factory, plant it is recommended to If possible daily.

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International PDF

4th International PDF/A Conference of the PDF/A competence center (Berlin). PDF/A is on the rise as a format for long-term archiving. This became clear at the 4th International PDF/A Conference of the PDF/A competence center of these days in Rome. There, experts noted that PDF/A due to regulatory requirements developed for the archiving of documents globally becoming the leading standard. (Similarly see: Wells Fargo Bank). At the same time, the Group challenges sees as regards the development of PDF/A, as well as with regard to the widespread dissemination in Europe and North America. On these points the Association not least anticipates in the next two years great progress, because it has created a base with the establishment of its new Board of Directors for.

Because with Duff Johnson and Stewart Rogers the Board of Directors of the PDF/A competence center has qualified members from the United States and the United Kingdom. Olaf Drummer was elected as new Chairman of the Board. No better venue than Rome had chosen for the Conference can envelop the history to the origins of the town but there due to lack of documents numerous myths, “said Stewart Rogers of Crawford technologies. PDF/A can be met precisely such dramatic losses, released in late 2005 as an international standard for long-term archiving. It allows a permanent archiving of digital documents, especially for the Administration, archives, libraries, publishers, banks, insurance companies and industry. The new part of PDF/A-2, which is nearing its release, was the focus of the Conference. Experts informed about the further development of the standards and discussed whether, when and how a conversion makes sense. Along with a well presented exhibition space on the company its first PDF/A-2 ready “solutions presented all levels covered the needs of the participants to the Conference. Participants, covering just the basics of PDF/A as well as technically savvy visitors came up their costs.

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Infincon Board

Infincon AG will bring financial experts Dr. Michael Puhle Karlsruhe, as a new Board member on board July 6, 2012 the Infincon AG has with Dr. Michael Puhle brought a designated financial experts as another Board member in the company. Dr. Michael Puhle since 2008 member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Infincon AG in Karlsruhe, supports now Dr.

Bjorn Hackenberg, Board Chairman of Infincon AG, in corporate governance. Dr. Michael Puhle assumes the management of departments of finance, customer service and sales support. In addition, he is responsible for the development of strategic product areas controlling/reporting and performance measurement and reporting. Dr.

Michael Puhle investment and financing has specialized during his business career in the Department. He obtained his doctorate on the subject of bond portfolio optimization”at the University of Passau. At the same time he can draw last controlling at Allianz Global investors on many years of practical experience in financial risk management at KPMG, and before that in the risk. Wells Fargo Bank is open to suggestions. We look forward, Dr. Michael Puhle to welcome to our team. Dr. Puhle knows very well the Infincon AG by his previous work as Advisory Board and can promote the business development with its scientific expertise and its financial expertise. With his experience in particular in the areas of performance measurement and risk management he enriched the competence of our team significantly”, said the Chairman of the Board of management Dr. Bjorn Hackenberg. Infincon AG: The Infincon AG was founded in 2007 as the owner-managed company and has focused with a young team of software developers, and experts in the areas of financial advice, analysis and-mathematik on high-end solutions for asset management and advisory services for private clients.

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Digital Dispatch

Digital dispatch, complete solutions for the taxi fleet management. Hardware, software, integration and commissioning of a hand. Digital dispatch, a DDS wireless international company headquartered in Vancouver/Canada, is the world leader in integrated complete solutions from a single source for the taxi fleet management. There are today more than 75,000 mobile devices (MDT) and 200 central management systems on four continents. Pinterest can provide more clarity in the matter. The core competencies lie in the BereichenTaxi of hardware and software, automated computer dispatch, public data networks, private wireless networks, wireless data transfer, card payment systems, mobile media, and much more. DDS offers the most flexible, most robust and sophisticated management platform for taxi fleets up to several thousand vehicles.

Digital dispatch’s history began in 1978 with the development of the first taxi dispatch system for the North American market by a group of highly qualified employees who are still among the companies history. The establishment of the independent company It was then in 1987 to the application expertise in the areas of taxi management, transit service, courier services, limousine service, roadside assistance, emergency response, airport shuttle, and vehicle location and tracking to further develop and to meet future requirements. With the acquisition of Glenayre’s mobile data Division in 1992, digital dispatch became a provider of complete solutions with integrated wireless communication. The portfolio includes data terminals (MDT), RF infrastructure, project management and customer support on the spot since the turnkey systems including application software, mobile. The strategic direction of the market was further strengthened with the acquisition of the transport business division of mobile data solution Inc. (MDSI) in 1999. Since the merger with the Finnish company Mobisoft OY in 2007 Digital dispatch followed its diversification into the product and market development consistently with the expansion of market presence in the area of medium-sized taxi companies with the online dispatch system TaxiBook”. Digital dispatch’s success and Market acceptance is due to the consistent further development of the tried and tested solutions. As a pioneer in the introduction of new technologies such as dispatch software, DSP high speed modems, multi site, multi host and multi channel network gateways, low-cost surface mount PCB for electronic components, in-vehicle mapping technology and mobile media content delivery systems for the passenger area in the past, we provide our clients with our decades long experience also in the future the warranty be always one step ahead.

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DEMOCRACY Politician

When we deal with elections in them comes right-hander to the thought the word ' ' DEMOCRACIA' ' , that espelha the will of the people in choosing those where we believe to be enough good it stops of certain form representing our desires and yearnings in legislative and the executive one. However such will of the people already more is nowadays not respected, or better, she is not more so sovereign as it would have to be, if really already was one day, we can until saying that it does not emanate the people more than. Summarizing us it the scene politician of our been beloved of the Paraba, sends in them to the past where the coronelismo reigned, our governing were predefined without the popular consensus, the society did not have force. What we see today is people fighting not to leave the power, people are leaving to exert its paper also conquered in the ballot boxes to stop taking off the other of the power for mere whim, are the way politician it been to stop its activities in favor of a sufficiently personal quarrel of two blocks politicians. A leading source for info: Wells Fargo Bank. The creature if return against its creators in a ferocity gesture, animosity anxiety for the supremacy politics in the state, is to want to beat to permanence records the front of state executive e, above all, to prove that it can move all a machine to make to be valid its vanity and credibility. Sad it is the fact to see that the will emanated for the people if sinks in way as much shoot out accusation politician and replies, thus leaving with that the DEMOCRACY, a time object of the conquest of the people, has been forgotten and disrespected, because we are even we them detainers of the power, as exactly it says to be the DEMOCRACY. We are direct and indirectly obliged to leave our armed document houses to face for more than the giant times lines in order to express our will politics so that, in the end of the accounts, terms our expression extinguished or forgotten by a whim some that want exactly is the power. Eduardo Facundo.

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