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Month: May 2016

The Stores

I have in mind when packing the contrary increases. We in the city this summer, one of the local companies for the sale of building materials had an advertising campaign, "Eat – potey are working – freeze. When all buyers in the gift could be heard bucket ice cream. Incidentally, I have long thought to sell kvas buckets, but then the joke is never going down. And then the guys took it, and to embody this idea. Well done, what do you say And one more feature of this technique is that it can be used both as a time shares, and as a constant. If in the example with a bucket of ice cream was a temporary nature, in the case of cigarettes – is constant. It would seem that even traced some regularity. Need to conduct large-scale action – increases the packaging. Would you like to have a stable sales – reduces packaging. Contact information is here: PayNet. But no. It turns out that all is not so. Rather, it is certainly true, but in the opposite direction works too. Need an example? Well, think for yourself when disposable razors were packed in bags of 10 pieces each, and started to sell literally "Hurrah." This is not a temporary event, and permanent conditions of sale. Who wants to go every time to shop for the new machine? Easier to buy a whole bunch. Not to recall: "Who will pack of tickets, he shall receive a water-tower" A reduction package as an interim action, too, can lead a good example. Although he no longer directed, of course, the fact that after all the same product was purchased in its standard package. For example, when the stores try to give a slice of any brand of sausage. Or drives, which sold the kit, suddenly begin to be sold individually, so people could get acquainted with one of them, and then buy everything else. But here, of course, need to show imagination. After the sale of cigarettes individually or razors in complete – it is not very and original ways. But to us something important – to understand the essence. But already figured out a bucket of ice fantasy, I think we have enough. So it makes sense to think over this technique because it results brings. In general, it's time to think about what other non-standard packaging, we can surprise our customers. While competitors have not surpassed.

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