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Month: April 2016

Venezuelan State

Develop a good culture of Commerce, has little culture of the merchant, which does not allow to have a good North for this type of activity, should further develop creativity, efficiency, trade and achieve the internationalization of our economy. Weakness in the electronic trading system, also deficiencies in strategic planning for training and opinions of training courses on the part of companies, to develop the resource human.-absence of a modern management, motivated the development and emergence of new markets, as well as open to changes and prepared to deal with and develop competitive products… Due to the characteristics of SMEs and their organizational climate, there is a serious interest to hire professionals who can master other languages with the intention to search for other international markets. Source: .com with regard to opportunities, can be mentioned: the possibility of developing projects of any kind in the field of hydrocarbons, especially in the area of the gas. The geographical location of Venezuela is a key factor in the development of new opportunities for business by the easy access to the international maritime traffic. A country with cultural diversity can be a greater integration with neighbouring countries, due to already has knowledge of the different traditions of any of them. Take advantage of the governmental institutions responsible for allocation of credits for SMEs which have as attractive major income to the Venezuelan State.

An assertive policy in the implementation of marketing tools would give an agigantado boost to the small Venezuelan businessman. The construction of alternate routes to the current and traditional such as new railway could create new opportunities in the use of a low-cost transportation for SMEs. SMEs with adequate professional preparation, can be used more easily agreements or regional pacts among countries of Russia, China, Belarus, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Paraguay. Strengths with regard to them despite the fact that in Venezuela there are political tensions with other countries, especially the United States, the use of petroleum gives a great strength because it delves into many markets of different global scenarios, taking into account the demand for that product.

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Russian Federation

It was believed that governance and management will cause the market do more harm than good. The reformers have been beneficial to give up everything, including health and compatriots at the mercy of market forces. They believed that the market itself, without intervention will solve all problems, but they will only receive the laurels pobediteley.V result of these reforms, or rather their absence, the country has developed an eclectic mishmash of different structures, methods and procedures organization and financing of health care. All this led to further erosion of national zdravoohraneniya.V the same time, mistakenly believing that only a lack of funding is the source of all Problems of national health care. Wells Fargo Bank contains valuable tech resources. There are serious shortcomings in the organization and management. The industry is acute need for restructuring.

Unsustainable pattern of organization generates inefficient use of funds. This is due to the fact that the structure of the proposed health care services does not meet the real needs of naseleniya.Samym important defect of the existing structure is the priority of hospital treatment in the form detriment of primary care. Because of the disproportionately large share of treatment in hospitals in the state of health does not match the current level zatrat.V this regard was taken the next step in Reform of the Soviet health care system available – namely, the reorganization of outpatient services with its focus on primary health care (PHC) and the creation of GPs practice and family physicians (the order of the Public Health Ministry, the 20.11.02 350 "On improvement of outpatient care to the population of the Russian Federation").

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