The Future

All its analysis will be based on appropriate solutions and techniques the real necessities of its contractor, whom it so only aims at to assure physical integrity moral of the people, the patrimonial protection and the physical and legal image, eliminating and reducing the risks in potential. In its evaluation for the development of the future system of security, the consultant will have to elaborate a planning technician and operational tactician, ally the coordination, command and control, and will be evaluated the performances of these pointers, that are important managemental tools. To follow the results of the pointers and the organizacional climate, to look for to identify the weak points of the organization between its collaborators, is of extreme necessity and importance. The consultant has that to work in partnership with the RH sector, in the processes of election and act of contract, adjusting the form of the integration of new collaborators, and in the training for the current employees. In against departure the RH he is responsible for the qualification of the professionals of the security area.

This is an important measure in the reduction of risks for the organization. In the present time we have that to see management of the security with a sistmica and holistic vision, in the partnership of the human resources with the total support of the technology. The consultant/security manager, not only has a vision of the standards of security in the empirical form, but he also has in the scientific academic form, it adds its experiences with new concepts of international standard in what he says respect to the corporative security. This model of management will be used objectifying the necessary changes so that the organization reach the preset goals not only in what it refers to the security, but in all the goals of the company. The management of the security is complex and important, as well as the management of the too much departments of a great company. In such a way administrative managing gentlemen, do not lose its time, the promises and to the values presented for the rendering companies of security services, or in any terceirizada area are not atrelados alone. They do not forget that the focus has that to be ‘ ‘ Segurana’ ‘ not it praticidade, economy, profit and the comfort. The security does not leave in finishes plan.

New Welding Equipment

Cutter low pressure (RND), intended for manual cutting oxygen jet low-pressure low-carbon and low alloy steel with thickness from 2 to 200 mm using HEATINg flame formed combustion with oxygen, acetylene (cutter type A) or its substitutes (propane-butane – cutter performance P), (methylacetylene-allene fraction (IRF) – Cutter execution of M). The cutter is made in the usual way injection principle mixing of gases, but the design features of the product yielded the following advantages relative to conventional injection torch: Use of cutting oxygen low pressure and reduced diameter hole internal mouthpiece provides savings of up to 40% oxygen in small metal thickness up to 50mm Inner mouthpiece number 1 lets you work with metal thickness from 3mm to 50mm, without replacing it; cutter design eliminates reverse shock, which increases the safety of operation. This is achieved by mixing the gases directly into the cutter head; When the ignition flame is detached from the tip of the torch, burning steadily; When installing and replacing .

Nowadays Scientific

Searching in my pertaining to school bulletins of basic and average education I observed that I got in general way good averages in all the substances, however, you discipline as biology and chemistry that although I not to have had a bad performance very did not understand the reason of the study of them and nor of the use of them in my daily life. For biology I until gave to a bigger importance a time that some substances called me the attention, but exactly thus still I questioned some substances. As he says the old one dictated: ‘ ‘ If repentance killed ‘ ‘ Nowadays after to have concluded the basic education I perceive the size of the error that I committed not valuing these sciences that currently I consider most important and excellent for the society. It was a great burrice to have acted with recklessness and indifference and not to have given the importance due to the two areas that more grow and bring progressos for the humanity. In the truth, in that period I did not have conscience of the relevance of that such knowledge they would add in my life and it did not obtain to enxergar the relation between biology and chemistry, sciences that had always walked joined, linked and are interdependent. Currently when having this conscience I feel myself fascinated, captivated for the application of these areas of study that had allowed great technician-scientific advances in which they had facilitated and they promoted discovered fascinating that amongst several other applications, is distinguished it use of such knowledge in medical sciences, promoting cure and treatment for some illnesses that before were faced by the scientific society as incurable. To each year that if passes new research is carried through and promising results full of hope the heart of the citizens who wait anxiously for an adequate and efficient medical treatment. The benefits propitiated for the investments in these sciences are without the shadow of a doubt innumerable and today really I do not obtain to understand my lack of interest in the past for them, but never it is late excessively stops if to give the gift to move of opinion and to be open to the new suggestions. I wait to always keep this my motivation and persistence in being searching the knowledge and who knows one day to be able to act in its production and, if this will not be possible at least will have the certainty of that I will be a pledged of the research carried through for the scientific society and transmitting reader of the same ones for the people which I coexist giving to them chance to it to be informed on the scientific new features..

Top Diet

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