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Month: February 2014

The Bolivian

Wheat the elaborated flour pasties Chilean, stuffed of worn out meat or in cuadritos, flavored with cumin, black olives, you pass of grape and hard egg, calls pine pasties. In the Central University of Venezuela, in Caracas, it does about 30 years, one stopped a cart of Chileans, who sold these succulent pasties of pine. Whenever it was going to see the games of basketball in the university, he was fixed that before tasted a pasty to me with some drink that now nonmemory. In Easter the done ones with seafood, accompanied by white wine are popular. Also there are vegetable stuffed, mainly beets; ” napolitanas” – cheese, ham, sauce of tomato and oregano -; of fish like salmon, or fish for food – usually both done in the same way that those of meat -. and of puye, cochayuyo – alga – and of hen that is the specialty of the zone of Santa Ana, Talagante.

The pasty in Chile has multiple variants, and it is clear to him like an emblematic food of the country, being considered, along with sopaipillas, the valdiviano, curanto, paila marine and it absorbs of seafood, like typical meals in his gastronomy. The Bolivian pasties between which it emphasizes saltea, whose mass tastes slight dulzn with a filling – jigote – of stew of head of cattle or chicken, with Pope and broth. They are guinea fowl of a smooth red-orange pigment, that gives a color very him special. Made with a fine layer of round, stuffed mass of stews of meat, chicken, seafood, decorated with onion, egg, olives, capers, raisins, grapes, Popes, peas, cheese and spinach. It generally has a form of semicircle of than 20 cm. in length, closed not more in the edges with elaborated repulgo – edge of the pasty -.

Other varieties include the Tucumanas that differs from the Argentineans of equal name in which they are fried; puka layers also called red pasty, typical of the city of Cochanbamba prepared to the furnace with cheese, onion, olives; of cheese and cheese for api that sometimes take something of fried onion and they are prepared to the furnace or. The cheese is prepared, like the mass, with cornstarch and flour; and those of rice that is typical of the city of Santa Cruz which they have rice and meat of pig pig in the filling. Soon they are humitas, of lacayote, those of hojandre, fried of chicken and chuquisaquea. Investigating to write these articles, I have been pleasingly surprised by the gastronomical wealth of Bolivian pasties, for that reason the prescription for this week is the Bolivian pasties of jigote of chicken, that are agradabilsimo cooking discovery.

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National Association

‘ ‘ The educational research brings theoretical and metodolgicos challenges that remain in aberto’ ‘ (GATTI, 2002, P. 22). We need to analyze the form to collect the data necessary to the construction of the research, being had that to know to the certainty what it is wanted to search. ‘ ‘ The research cannot be the service to solve small impasses of the daily one, because it, for its nature and process of construction, seems not to be useful to this, time that the time of the scientific inquiry, in general, not if coaduna with the necessities of decisions more rpidas’ ‘ (GATTI, 2002, P. 23).

on the part of the education institutions lacks the support to the educational research, is only worried in giving diplomas, is not worried if it has a learning. In the end of decade of 80 and beginning of years 90 is that the changes had occurred, that if gave with the creation of the programs of mestrado and doutorado, these that gave incentives to the research and made more collections to the pupil. One of the biggest problems in the accomplishment of the research is the use of the methods, therefore the use of these has not been argued with depth techniques. Methods these being able to be quantitative or qualitative. ‘ ‘ The research in them serves the top of everything to give to an agreement base on a reality and from this transform-la’ ‘. (GATTI, 2002, P. 33). To get and not only to extend knowledge the research also assists in them in the understanding of the reality, in one better agreement of what it encircles in them and that many times we do not understand, makes then one searches for better if informing and through this power to give to our opinion with base and searched arguments, approaching given critical and through them to give suggestions of possible improvements, not only raising the problem, but to consider suggestions of improvements.

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American Association

At first, he thought that the computer was malfunctioning. Then he realized that had not entered the initial conditions well. The numbers had a discrepancy of only 0.1%, but even this tiny divergence had completely changed the end result. Lorenz realized that in climate issues, the perfect prediction was a fantasy. A perfect forecast would require not only a perfect model, but also perfect knowledge of wind, temperature, humidity and other conditions around the world at the same time. Even a small discrepancy could lead to completely different forecasts. Lorenz published his findings in 1963. The work he wrote is a masterpiece of clarity about why weather is unpredictable, said Doyne Farmer, Professor of the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico.

The following year, Lorenz published another paper that described how a small change in the parameters in a model could produce completely different behaviors, transforming events scheduled, newspapers, in a chaotic pattern. During a meeting of the American Association for the advancement of science in 1972, gave a talk with a title that captured the essence of his ideas: predictability: the flapping of a butterfly in Brazil can unleash a tornado in Texas?. Lorenz was not the first to trip over the chaos. At the end of the 19th century, the French mathematician Henri Poincare showed that the gravitational dance of three celestial bodies was so complex that it was impossible to calculate, but the equations that describe the motion seem simple. But the ideas of Poincare were not recognized in his time.

The work of Lorenz attracted little attention until mid-1970. Lorenz remained active almost until the end of his life, researching and doing outdoor activities outdoor. Two weeks ago and a half made an excursion and makes one ended a work with a colleague, told his daughter, Cheryl.

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