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Month: January 2014

American Association

E, as Gil (1999), the bibliographical research is developed on the basis of material already elaborated, constituted mainly of scientific books, articles. Our study perpassa the estimated theoreticians elencados during the research, for, from this to search answers that assist in one practical still more significant professor. 3. The Deficient Intellectual Deficient the mental one corresponds to a functioning below of measured, with some relative limitations the two or more areas in the abilities that have that to be adapted for the same ones: communication, auto care, social, autonomy, health, leisure, education and mainly with aid of the family. The definition of mental deficiency more was spread out and accepted to the one of the American Association of Mental Deficiency of 1992, that it represented a great conceptual advance. The way as each one faces the proper requirements of the life, it in accordance with puts in practical personal independence its age, and with the sociocultural experiences in the context of which this inserted one. Carrying, some factors exist that suffer with this influence amongst them: staffs, social, motivation, education, training, as well as its practical necessities and its general conditions.

The intellectual deficiency is resulted of the degree of functional comprometimento and not it classification only of the QI, which is light, moderate, severe or deep retardation, almost always is an alteration in the cerebral structure, provoked for genetic factors, in the uterine life. The majority of the children with intellectual deficiency obtains to learn more needs in rule, of time and supports of the family and the pertaining to school community so that they come to get success. Ballone (2003) always affirms that the important one is to know where area the person with intellectual deficiency needs support more than, observing qualitative criteria of evaluation, whom they consider more the person under the point of view of the chances and autonomy, of what its classification (QI).

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Fundosa Association

Group as a collaborator of the Association Fundosa Celeris has shown their happiness and support Flisa one year to renew the cooperation agreement with the Association Amica. Flisa is chaired by Alejadro Onoro and belongs to the Fundosa group with which group Celeris maintains a close relationship. The agreement made between Flisa and Amica began between the two entities in the year 2010 and since then has fought to strengthen the qualities of people with disabilities, promote their personal autonomy, their social integration and simplify all of them access to the labour market on equal terms.Once more Celeris group has made it clear his happy with the numerous actions that have been developed between Flisa and the Association Amica, such as seminars and exchange visits. All this has helped to progress in the fulfilment of the different objectives of the Convention as social integration and equality of conditions with the rest of society when it comes to access to the labour market.

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The Association

… sees soon if as a repeated sanction can consolidate the association, until the moment where the assimilation will become possible with the progress of intelligence: It is what it happens when is played constantly with the child, when it stimulates if and it encourages it etc. (PIAGET, 1975, p.46). Of this form, the playful process of the game, if interrelates with all the forces of the creative imagination of the citizen, that at this moment if allows to live deeply the most varied papers and the most varied knowledge, articulating them enters itself, serves as relief of the tensions and is useful to give rest to it to the soul, therefore in the ludicidade process it is penetrated in the magical feeling of reality, where the time loses of a certainty forms its value starting to produce with the sensation to be beyond the nature. The author follows placing that the game evolves, for the opposite, for tension and relaxation, … ' ' relaxation of the adaptativo effort and for maintenance or exercise of activities for the only pleasure to dominate them and of it to extract as that a feeling of effectiveness or poder' '. (PIAGET, 1975, p.118). He is difficult somebody to say that a child does not need to play.

However, the adults are rare who take this necessity the serious one. My personal experience with infantile psychology, sample that the infantile reality is constituted from the magic, of the fancy. I believe that to play it is, for the child, a magical moment. Playing it feeds its interior life, thus liberating, its capacity to create and reverse speed-to invent the world. Playing provides the acquisition of new knowledge, develops abilities of natural and pleasant form. It is one of the necessities basic of the child, it is essential for a good motor, social, emotional and cognitivo development.

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