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Month: August 2013

Sun Tzu Yourself

If someone else had to Definirite with what words you would do it you? What definition of yourself you opens opportunities to life? ** WE ARE WHAT WE THINK * Buddha what you should think that you are to get what they want? You should develop your inner value to see the opportunities that life offers you and that perhaps today do not see because your focus is determined by how you choose to define yourself. How you choose to define yourself now to create opportunities to prosper? Suggestion of response: I choose to see me as a creative, capable, and efficient person possesses one of the most sophisticated processing systems: my brain. As a result of thousands of years of evolution and that is my service 24 hours per day 365 days per year and free! With such partner how could failing? Now you just need to be ally of yourself you also and that succeed you thinking best of you unconditionally. Self-imposed condition prevents you from thinking the best of yourself at all times? ** LIFE you opens your possibilities to AQUEL that create LO enough in if same as for power take advantage of them * * the opportunities increase to measure take advantage * Sun Tzu life is your friend and is full of opportunities to not You can see when your focus is centered on seeing you as a helpless victim, which is the same think in the absence of what you want. Your brain is designed to make you give by valid those beliefs you have; that’s why your beliefs become experiences in your life. It is important to change those BELIEFS about money that you do not benefit. Changing your belief system you modificaras your approach and your brain will work in your favor making it valid in your experience only those beliefs that you open to prosperity and abundance. .

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Trench Common Under

Amidio Cantera Diez was 14 years old when he heard speak for the last time his father, Julian quarry quarry, 43, Councillor for Villaviudas (Palencia) in the II Republic. If I’m going to kill, to be in front of my children, you snapped a Falangist boss. Don’t rush Julian, who is not going to pass anything, replied this outside his home the night of August 13, 1936, the same that fired it between Magaz de Pisuerga and the monastery of la Trapa. Now, Amidio, of 89 years, tells it along with the relatives of other trade unionists, councillors and mayors shot during the Civil war that they expected yesterday the start of excavation of the third sector of the former cemetery of Palencia, now turned into a children’s playground. Under the swings of this play area, victims groups estimate that there are about 250 corpses of victims of Franco. Source of the news:: A mass grave under the swings.

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Marianne Bremnes

Julie Bremnes told his mother that he warned the police and hid after a rock. Her mother warned her that the man who fired was in uniform. The Norwegian newspaper VG has published the messages that were exchanged. One of the teenagers who was on the Norwegian island of Utoya contacted mother through several mobile messages during the massacre perpetrated by Anders Breivik, as he unveiled the VG newspaper, which has published the transcript of the SMS. The girl, Julie Bremnes, requested its progenitor that he warned the police and escaped killer getting into the sea, like many of his classmates.

Until the next day, according to the Norwegian newspaper, he was not aware of the magnitude of the attack nor the number of dead. This is the translation of the beginning of the conversation between Julie (J) and Marianne Bremnes (M): J: MOM, you have to tell the police giving haste. People are dying! M: I’m on it, Julie. The police are on the way. Do you dare to call me? J: J: don’t tell to the Police that there’s a madman running and shooting people. The 16-year-old girl hid after a rock and her mother asked her to write him every five minutes to know that was fine. The first message sent to the 17.10?, at 18.15, Julie explained to his mother that the police had come to the island and it warned him: which trips has police uniform beware!.

He also explained that all means were making echo of the attack and that it was following everything on the television. Don’t move, said Marianne to her daughter, who did not dare to come out of his hiding place because I heard shots continuously. Shortly after 19 h 00 and after verifying how the helicopter was looking for people who had thrown water, Marianne wrote the following message to Julie: now do have it. Source of the news: A survivor of Utoya spoke with his mother by SMS during the massacre of Breivik

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Variable Funds

Investment funds have as a primary objective provide a maximum profitability to its participants minimizing their risks. This is achieved through the diversification of the titles for the benefit of the participants. Having an investment in a Fund, the profitability increases on par than the risk. Below we will see the characteristics of the mixed investment funds, which are mixed fixed income fund and the mixed equity fund. Mixed fixed income fund consists of funds of fixed and variable income with a variable investment that does not exceed 30%.

The investment in this Fund policy consists of balancing investment in debt with investment on the stock exchange at times up to 30% of the Heritage Fund. The profitability of these funds is always linked to the evolution of the equity markets and fixed income. Profile of the customer in such funds is for investors that they cede part of profitability by a diversification in the risk. The income Variable mixed Fund consists of fixed and variable income with a funds more than 30% and normally below 75% investment. The investment of this Fund policy consists of balancing investment in debt with investment in the bag in a range between 30 and 75% of the Fund’s assets. The profitability of these funds is tied similarly to the evolution of the equity markets and fixed income.

Profile of the customer in such funds is for investors that like that in the mixed fixed income fund, transferred a small part of the profitability by a diversification in the risk. After taking into account the two variables of mixed investment funds, their implementation, use and choice should be easier and with greater projection. That is why it is important to be well informed when wanting to invest money in such funds. M. Marin employee Hold Asociados hold.

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Visible Advantages

As you’ve heard, investment funds have become the only choice when wanting to generate profits, since putting your money in the Bank already you don’t win as before. Start investing always is a big step, because it has to end with doubts to be able to make a good investment. Here are some of the advantages that have investment funds, so animes you to invest. Greater profitability as a whole: this may be the main advantage of the funds, because together the capital of many investors is generated a large volume of money which can generate greater profitability in comparison with a personal investment. Better access: enter an investment fund is to enter the world of investments that thanks to the service of the financial group has access. Being in an investment fund is the possibility of investing in a greater number of options including foreign securities. By professional decisions: investing in a mutual fund is to raise the money from many people, small investors that how you want to grow your money. Although over time are going to turning on the world of investments, in a home does not have much information, for that is your financial group, to answer all your questions as well as offering you the service of intermediary between you and the Fund..

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With the passage of time people has come to realize is that the best option to earn extra money is converted into small or medium investors and investing in mutual funds. Bank accounts already not give so many interests and many times at the end of the year really does not desire anything by the devaluation, so the only tool to make money and have a good amount within a certain time are investment funds. If you do not know many held by investment funds, here are some of the advantages that you have to invest in them: diversification: to count on investment funds you have to come with a bag house, they are those who give information and what you need to know is that many funds do pay your money to the maximum that is diversifyinginvesting in different places. With this, you will have more opportunities to earn money with the same capital. Regulation: counting on investment funds do not have to worry because your money is in the wrong hands or is handled in a wrong way because all brokerage houses, as well as all the investment funds are regulated by the law, with this, you are always sure that your money will be protected properly. Liquidity: Investment funds have a cutting time, so to speak, at the end of that period the money earned will return to you, but if you need to have your money before that period you can easily sell your investment. These are only some few benefits with which accounts have investment funds. Original author and source of the article.

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Everyone like to invest in funds, because we know that it is the best way to grow the money in a way – some times-fast and safe. Many people who heard about the investment funds do not believe in the possibility to grow the money because they know they have the possibility of losing their money as a bet, if you’re one of them you should know that there are investment funds that will ensure 100% that you will win money. Such funds are called guaranteed investment funds and ensure you a return on the money you invest that it goes from 1 to 10 years. This type of investment funds were born in 1994 when there was a big fight between the banks to win customers. Such funds invest in fixed income and dates are always fixed so that you can invest in them. Within guaranteed investment funds there are differences, as some claim you to that minimum will return you all your money and others that can ensure you only one percent of the return you. Either of the two situations are very good because of that Although you can get to lose part of the money you invest, you have many chances that you win lots of money. Invest in guaranteed investment funds and start to earn money!.

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Here I present several businesses in which I am currently working, that they are good and trustworthy. I say work because I want to move faster and I’m doing promotion various invitations to support my team. Things don’t get free but not come to us from Heaven by magic. Internet is a showcase of opportunities that we do not know it used properly. There is so much and so much to read, see and hear that we cannot even measure its reach. But in spite of this, we use it for many things and neglect or ignore some that can be productive and help us to improve many areas of our lives. In my case, I finally decided, and a few weeks ago I started to look for new ways to earn money, which is one of the relevant aspects at this stage of my life.

This has allowed me to find businesses, and people behind them, which I liked and that is why I am recommending them. Therefore, here to present some alternatives of working from the comfort of home, something easy to do that it deserves greater effort, not only dedicate a few minutes a day. You can do this while it develops other activities on the Internet, there is no justification for saying that you don’t have time or can’t, or that has no money since some are free in your home. In Internet you can find many companies that make money, some are certain and other frauds. If you are not sure of dabble in this world may initially opt for systems where registration is free and will be watching as it unfolds; and then only pay if it finds that it is worth. ASI does not run risks and will have many surprises.

Tips: Open a new account e-mail: before you register in any system is convenient to open an account e-mail only for your new business, so you will be more simple and orderly to manage the business in which it participates. User (Username alias-): choose a user name, you can change it if it records in multi-page and remember to use a secure password, it can be the same in all. You can open a folder in Favorites with all links to make quick and easy work. Get referrals: Invite your family, friends and acquaintances to register through your link to these pages from referred. By using the referral grow these systems and so we come to the minimum payment. It promotes through a blog or website, networks, social and personal level where unfolds daily. Establishes a working routine: organizes how to watch devote a daily time to make the promotion of your business and do follow-up and accompaniment to your referrals. How to pay? Forms of payment Online: Are companies that manage payments by Internet. They send money to many countries, why are demanding open an account in PayPal or AlertPay, and it’s free. I ask her to finish only. What raw material more in their decisions: the rejection of these businesses by fear, mistrust, doubt, comfort or the desire to improve to make a life change, test, risk, work? If you want to know more I invite you to write me to Ahh and I also dared to have my blog: original author and source of the article.

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Valencian Community

Madrid, January 11, 2011-Valencia is for Carlin synonymous with direct sales of business growth. Therefore, which is the first brand of stationery in Spain has wanted to open a masterfranquicia for your model of Hiperpapeleria of 100 mt2 destined for stationery and other 30 m2 to the HP print area. With this shop aims to replicate your business proposal to other points in this autonomous community. What has prompted us to invest in Valencia without a doubt is the combination of high productivity, good infrastructure, the remarkable accumulation of capital and mainly by the potential of this enclave. It is one of the main cities of our country and we believe that in it the new business model of our stores is going to implement perfectly, explains Jose Hernandez, responsible for the Masterfranquicia.

The shop, which is located in the Central peace Street no. 11 and is manned by two employees and a Manager, has a small warehouse of 30 m2 and an offer hard to beat by the number of references of articles. 5,000 Articles are exceeded. Carlin products are adaptable to any town but yes it is true that part of our range of products we have implemented a new seeing the needs and demand of the city. And it is that although the crisis has affected the Valencian business network, and therefore, companies have been closed, to Carlin are more the advantages of betting on a zone which prevails a traditional style of stationery and where they are sure highlighted by its way of working avant-garde and its personalized attention. The market of stationery in this geographical area is implanted with a traditional style. Although it is is true that to be one of the most important cities in Spain the multinationals of the sector of papermaking are well placed and have a broad portfolio of clients, not have our business model and personalized attention, and that added value is what you already are doing us stress, adds masterfranquiciado Jose Hernandez. So the challenges that Carlin It has been proposed in this enclave geographic for this year 2012 are three: consolidate the initial draft of this tent, grow with several new franchises and open in the month of April a new warehouse that cater for the entire Valencian Community. In addition to the excellent response and the congratulations of the public we already have this model of tent to people interested in franchising and in it is the basis of the expansion project of Carlin in the Valencian Community, ends Jose Hernandez.

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