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Month: August 2013


There are many people who think that Tarot cards have some cosmic powers, in which images and the numbers that are in each pile can explain a series of aspects of one’s life. The design of the harness for a tarot card reading is a fundamental aspect for the development of this technique of divination. To gain a full understanding of the scope of using the Tarot cards psychic reading, it is essential to know some basics about the deck. It is believed that first tarot cards date from the 15th century in the North of Italy, although this never has been able to be demonstrated. The first version of the tarot deck was usaada to play, like the common cards today. However, it had a slightly different composition. In the first tarot cards had twenty-two cards in addition to the regular amount on a common deck. These additional letters were and are known as the major arcana.

These accessories cards were not part of any suit in particular and each of them was adorned with symbolic, key figures for the art of psychic reading. In addition to the twenty-two letters mentioned above, there other common, listed 1 to 10, with four known sticks. Another very clear difference between the regular letters and the original Tarot cards consisted of the addition of a Queen to each of the four groups of the trump cards. That is why the most popular game of the era associated with Tarot cards is called triumphs. This game was a classic among the richest in society sectors. Tarot soon moved to Italy and found its place in various parts of the world. It was in Europe that the disciples of the art found mystical powers in the symbolic art of the design of each letter.

The tarot card soon generated enormous interest, and many artists and scholars tried to discover the secrets that lie hidden each of the cards. These studies helped to create the current tool of psychic reading known as tarot card reading. Currently, the most popular use for Tarot cards is the art of interpretation of their meaning. The tarot deck has become much more than just a game, and for many is an essential tool for guidance in life.

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Human Scale

For many citizens of any metropolis, have your workplace less than an hour of displacement from their homes is a sort of fortune, which increases their quality of life. That time lets you to another person who performs the same job in a small town spend more time with his family, reading or sleeping. In your case one greater than 10 minutes posting involves an eternity. Today, cities are not measured only by its size or by its population, but also by the time used to scroll to basic places in the life of any person, such as work, hospital or school children. One in two inhabitants of the planet lives in a city. 75% Of the population of the rich countries is urban. Despite this, the latest report of the Centre of the UN human settlements predicted that nine of the ten largest urban areas in the year 2020 will be in developing countries.

Cities offer essential services cheaper and larger scale than rural areas, but by its configuration present different risks to the health of its inhabitants. Since the 19th century, with the Industrial Revolution, the concept of city has been associated with the idea of noise, overcrowding, small dwellings, lack of air and light, traffic jams, pollution, odors developed and most large cities are not always offered better quality of life to its inhabitants. These are a kind of urban nomads who occupy too much time daily in the distance that separates them from their destinations. Pollution that breathe, and stress that suffer from constantly going against the clock, with little time for leisure or family, provoke cardiovascular or somatic diseases. The distress is manifested through bodily symptoms.

Nearly 255 ailments that patients come to the doctor have their origin in boxes of anxiety. But adults are not the only affected. Their children make up the so-called generation of the key. His parents deliver them a copy of the key to their homes and fired from them every morning first thing with a gloomy until the evening. The child has full day ahead for going to school, eating only, and devote the afternoon to see the little educational programs that provide televisions in the afternoon strip or play for hours with video games. The current economic crisis must be an opportunity for cities carry a development that does not endanger future generations, and that manage urban and natural resources rational and respectful way. Today in mega-cities there is almost no good fundamental necessary for the life of its inhabitants; food, raw materials or energy. The German city of Freiburg maintains a commitment to sustainable urban development for more than 30 years. From 1970 until today, it has grown from 29 kilometres of bike lane, more than 500 kilometers. But this is not its only step towards sustainability. 5% Of the electricity consumed in homes comes from the Sun, through the placement of small solar panels in own homes, hospitals, or schools. If we align ourselves with the metaphor comparing cities with living organisms, perhaps so asimilemos that they suffer from circulatory problems, which are traversed by railroads and highways, scars that the air they breathe is flawed, etc. Remedies for those ills go through sustainability.

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Sun Tzu Yourself

If someone else had to Definirite with what words you would do it you? What definition of yourself you opens opportunities to life? ** WE ARE WHAT WE THINK * Buddha what you should think that you are to get what they want? You should develop your inner value to see the opportunities that life offers you and that perhaps today do not see because your focus is determined by how you choose to define yourself. How you choose to define yourself now to create opportunities to prosper? Suggestion of response: I choose to see me as a creative, capable, and efficient person possesses one of the most sophisticated processing systems: my brain. As a result of thousands of years of evolution and that is my service 24 hours per day 365 days per year and free! With such partner how could failing? Now you just need to be ally of yourself you also and that succeed you thinking best of you unconditionally. Self-imposed condition prevents you from thinking the best of yourself at all times? ** LIFE you opens your possibilities to AQUEL that create LO enough in if same as for power take advantage of them * * the opportunities increase to measure take advantage * Sun Tzu life is your friend and is full of opportunities to not You can see when your focus is centered on seeing you as a helpless victim, which is the same think in the absence of what you want. Your brain is designed to make you give by valid those beliefs you have; that’s why your beliefs become experiences in your life. It is important to change those BELIEFS about money that you do not benefit. Changing your belief system you modificaras your approach and your brain will work in your favor making it valid in your experience only those beliefs that you open to prosperity and abundance. .

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Trench Common Under

Amidio Cantera Diez was 14 years old when he heard speak for the last time his father, Julian quarry quarry, 43, Councillor for Villaviudas (Palencia) in the II Republic. If I’m going to kill, to be in front of my children, you snapped a Falangist boss. Don’t rush Julian, who is not going to pass anything, replied this outside his home the night of August 13, 1936, the same that fired it between Magaz de Pisuerga and the monastery of la Trapa. Now, Amidio, of 89 years, tells it along with the relatives of other trade unionists, councillors and mayors shot during the Civil war that they expected yesterday the start of excavation of the third sector of the former cemetery of Palencia, now turned into a children’s playground. Under the swings of this play area, victims groups estimate that there are about 250 corpses of victims of Franco. Source of the news:: A mass grave under the swings.

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Marianne Bremnes

Julie Bremnes told his mother that he warned the police and hid after a rock. Her mother warned her that the man who fired was in uniform. The Norwegian newspaper VG has published the messages that were exchanged. One of the teenagers who was on the Norwegian island of Utoya contacted mother through several mobile messages during the massacre perpetrated by Anders Breivik, as he unveiled the VG newspaper, which has published the transcript of the SMS. The girl, Julie Bremnes, requested its progenitor that he warned the police and escaped killer getting into the sea, like many of his classmates.

Until the next day, according to the Norwegian newspaper, he was not aware of the magnitude of the attack nor the number of dead. This is the translation of the beginning of the conversation between Julie (J) and Marianne Bremnes (M): J: MOM, you have to tell the police giving haste. People are dying! M: I’m on it, Julie. The police are on the way. Do you dare to call me? J: J: don’t tell to the Police that there’s a madman running and shooting people. The 16-year-old girl hid after a rock and her mother asked her to write him every five minutes to know that was fine. The first message sent to the 17.10?, at 18.15, Julie explained to his mother that the police had come to the island and it warned him: which trips has police uniform beware!.

He also explained that all means were making echo of the attack and that it was following everything on the television. Don’t move, said Marianne to her daughter, who did not dare to come out of his hiding place because I heard shots continuously. Shortly after 19 h 00 and after verifying how the helicopter was looking for people who had thrown water, Marianne wrote the following message to Julie: now do have it. Source of the news: A survivor of Utoya spoke with his mother by SMS during the massacre of Breivik

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The Eucharist

We cannot despise anything that the Church with particular, not putting difficulties to make the celebration every day better. A sense of doing what the Church sends, but the Church does not send and sort, so so, because each item that is in the celebration of the Eucharist has its meaning, has his theology has its raison d ‘ etre. The Eucharist, encounter of God with the Christian faithful.-we ask ourselves many times do, the Eucharistic Celebration does not commit more the life of the Church in the life of Christians?, do, are not our Eucharist attractive for many Christians, who have gradually left behind practical it Sunday?, why cults attract many faithful Christians who leave Christian practices? They are questions that puts us to think in this year of the Eucharist. The questions are many and many answers, but I think still today at the 40 years of the liturgical revolution, we need an inner enthusiasm, which is expressed to the outside. The liturgical saying celebrates what viva and viva which held perhaps still have not achieved that the Christian life is an extension of Eucharist, and the Eucharist is the center of our life. If out of the Eucharist we did a survey and asked how has participated in the Eucharist?, what is what impressed you more?, was found with the Lord? I remember once, in a school had a school choir, he sang wonderfully well, but the people not singing anything, and comments were heard leaving the celebration: me singing that have sung entrance, I liked I liked the other, middle of the mass which is, that mass had become a festive song (laughs) all these are questions that we can formulate, but let’s see. The phenomenology of encounter-we have a human encounter, an encounter of religious expedicioncita.

Defined man as a being for the meeting, because it is one person, a being social. A man found with other people, with other human beings. Every day we are with dear people, friends, known, unknown. Educate the encounter that may be in the House, street, in the Office, at work, at school, etc. But to ensure a relationship, communication, the word is needed. The word is the most common communicate of men, without Word not us we can communicate, although sometimes they are signs through which we communicate. A look, a smile, by the words we understand the thinking, the feelings of other people, we penetrated their secret, inside, because that person communicates it. Continuous.

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Variable Funds

Investment funds have as a primary objective provide a maximum profitability to its participants minimizing their risks. This is achieved through the diversification of the titles for the benefit of the participants. Having an investment in a Fund, the profitability increases on par than the risk. Below we will see the characteristics of the mixed investment funds, which are mixed fixed income fund and the mixed equity fund. Mixed fixed income fund consists of funds of fixed and variable income with a variable investment that does not exceed 30%.

The investment in this Fund policy consists of balancing investment in debt with investment on the stock exchange at times up to 30% of the Heritage Fund. The profitability of these funds is always linked to the evolution of the equity markets and fixed income. Profile of the customer in such funds is for investors that they cede part of profitability by a diversification in the risk. The income Variable mixed Fund consists of fixed and variable income with a funds more than 30% and normally below 75% investment. The investment of this Fund policy consists of balancing investment in debt with investment in the bag in a range between 30 and 75% of the Fund’s assets. The profitability of these funds is tied similarly to the evolution of the equity markets and fixed income.

Profile of the customer in such funds is for investors that like that in the mixed fixed income fund, transferred a small part of the profitability by a diversification in the risk. After taking into account the two variables of mixed investment funds, their implementation, use and choice should be easier and with greater projection. That is why it is important to be well informed when wanting to invest money in such funds. M. Marin employee Hold Asociados hold.

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Visible Advantages

As you’ve heard, investment funds have become the only choice when wanting to generate profits, since putting your money in the Bank already you don’t win as before. Start investing always is a big step, because it has to end with doubts to be able to make a good investment. Here are some of the advantages that have investment funds, so animes you to invest. Greater profitability as a whole: this may be the main advantage of the funds, because together the capital of many investors is generated a large volume of money which can generate greater profitability in comparison with a personal investment. Better access: enter an investment fund is to enter the world of investments that thanks to the service of the financial group has access. Being in an investment fund is the possibility of investing in a greater number of options including foreign securities. By professional decisions: investing in a mutual fund is to raise the money from many people, small investors that how you want to grow your money. Although over time are going to turning on the world of investments, in a home does not have much information, for that is your financial group, to answer all your questions as well as offering you the service of intermediary between you and the Fund..

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Risk Performance

Invest your money in investment funds can be very satisfying, although we must not discard or ignore that there are certain risks with this savings mechanism. Before knowing the different funds to choose in what you want to invest, you have to know yourself. In other words, you have to take into account your age, what are your plans for the future, how much you have to invest, how you live your life, your heritage, among other things. Once you have defined your profile, then you can go to learn about different investment funds that are at your fingertips to choose one which you want to invest. Investment funds are measured through the combination of risk and performance. Between riskier, higher performance is going to have. Apart from risk and performance, is also recommended to inform you about the qualification of investment funds in which you are interested. The score is divided into two; the alphabetical describes the quality of the investment fund, while the numerical qualifies the administration of the Fund.

With these qualifications, you can compare and reflect on the market regarding the funds that interest you so that you can choose. Once you have all the necessary information on your part and investment funds, you can go with experts to advise you on your choice. In addition, once you invest in a mutual fund, you must be aware of the market to verify that the mixture of risk/performance of the background you chose is giving you the results for which we had prepared.

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