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City of Madrid

We are in the fall and the city of Madrid is placed the coat of Brown, ochre and grey tones to welcome its visitors. This is a good time to go to the exhibitions that are offered by the capital, you only need to find a good accommodation, from among the multitude of pensions and hotels in Madrid that inhabit the city, and go to enjoy the proposals we offer: Mario Testino. All or nothing Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza: 54 of the best works of this Peruvian fashion photographer that run through his entire professional career are included in this exhibit. Reference for new generations of graphic artists, Testino offers not only his work for magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Allure or The Face, but other more personal snapshots that portray the known as woman Testino. Made in U.S.A. American art from the Phillips Collection Fundacion Mapfre, Recoletos room: La Fundacion Mapfre hosts until January 16 one of the exhibitions of the season: a selection of works of American art from the prestigious Phillips Collection of Washington. A journey that spans from mid-19th century until the mid-twentieth, shows a total of 92 paintings belonging to 63 American artists, including Pollock, Hopper, Rothko, or Whistler.

Dali, Lorca, and the student residence CaixForum Madrid: the Foundation explores the intellectual and artistic relationship between the two geniuses from their meeting in 1922, at the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid. Passion for Renoir (1841-1919). The Clark Art Institute Prado Museum collection: the first monographic exhibition in Spain of one of the most outstanding artists of impressionism. Impressionist Gardens Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza and Fundacion Caja Madrid: the best painting gardens impressionist style from 1849 until 1918, as well as their precursors, with works by Delacroix and Courbet, and artists such as Klimt and Sargent. Alexander the great Arte Canal expositions Center: more than 350 pieces, including reliefs, frescoes, sculptures or jewelry, from great museums of the world to bring to the general public the figure of the King of Macedon. Recalls that the capital is a good destination for you: choose an autumn weekend, searches for hotels in Madrid and enjoy exhibitions that are offered in the city. Original author and source of the article

Ignacio Garralda Presidents

And they are the institutions better valued by Spanish citizens, because they are able to mobilize the solidarity and philanthropic spirit both of people and companies. Rarely NGOs violate the principle of the functioning of the governing body, either a Board or a Board of Directors. The governing bodies are often composed of people bit committed to the institution, do not attend meetings or nominally contained. Sometimes, government bodies are reduced to one or two people, leading charismatic, without that there are collective decisions. In several recent cases of NGOs with problems such as Intervida, these have been generated by the lack of control over the leader of the organization. The advertising messages of some NGOs may be misleading. The paradigmatic example are the campaigns of Anesvad, which is urging donors to help, while the Organization had on current accounts and investments financial amounts exceeding 30 million euros.

Attract the attention of potential donors and contributors cannot be above the rigor of the messages and the requirement for consistency with the practices of the organization. This rigor is also necessary in televisions that offer spaces to non-governmental organizations to raise funds, without explaining how them have been selected or whether NGOs have paid for this publicity. NGOs must be respectful with the will of its donors. They are exemplary cases, like Intermon Oxfam, which paralysed its projects in Iraq due to insecurity in the country, communicating this decision to its donors and requesting their consent to allocate this emergency funds to the crisis in Burundi; or as doctors without borders, which in the catastrophe of the tsunami was estimated to have received funding more than sufficient for its activities in the region and urged its donors that they made their contributions to other emergencies. How can we help the improvement of the functioning of the Third Sector? Donors, remain so responsibly. Firstly, we must inform us about a who donate; Secondly, we must follow the fate of our donation.

The public sector, creating a unique record of all associations and foundations that exist in our country. And NGOs, trying to eliminate the prejudice that solidarity is not incompatible with the effectiveness or efficiency. Salvador Garcia-Atance and Ignacio Garralda Presidents of the loyalty Foundation ccs@solidarios. org.

Pope Affection

I saw myself wrapped in sack, resting placidly at the coolness of the grass. Nothing like reality! First we set up in a dusty dirt road where there was a little shade. We put our mats and sacks neatly placed on the Earth and stones. Indeed many there were no other options and there you could see a little of the distant sea breeze. So dusty and stony soil seemed to us to be better option than the road, closed to traffic, had enabled for the pilgrims. Asphalt burned with so much sun!. Decisions we were taking, 8, more or less, that we we were the group we were giving a strong sense of camaraderie.

We are determined to adapt to circumstances and find the good that would have them. That good time I spent joking and laughing as absurd situation!. A few big screens had been installed so that we could see and hear the programmed events. The Saturday night many people had already accommodated around screens. Only you could be standing. After spending a while standing before the screen, our group decided to return to the place where we had our belongings and there sitting on mats on the floor listening to the music and messages while waited patiently to arrive the Pope’s message.

We hear the encouraging messages of husbands and wives, mothers and fathers of many countries, expressed in their own languages. The many witness statements confirmed in our hearts the truth that the Church continues to proclaim: that according to the divine plan, marriage and family are irreplaceable and not supported another alternative… The family is an indispensable foundation for society. The words of the Holy Father spoke to my heart’s future grandmother: the family is composed not only of parents and children, but also grandparents and ancestors. The family is a community of generations and the guarantor of a patrimony of traditions. The meeting of families ended Sunday morning with the closing mass. At the end of the mass we saw with emotion to the Holy Father leave the premises in the Popemobile to pass near the place where we were. The crowd cheered him and applauded and intoned vocals of affection and support, by raising their hands and waving their arms and flags with ardour. The les you responded with a radiant smile and waved from inside his vehicle. He felt that had become evident affection in the cheers of the crowd and he corresponded them with his love. I me I was observing the exchange between the Pope and the people present there and I couldn’t recognize a reciprocity of affection which was undoubtedly true. The V world meeting of families in Valencia has concluded and with it our pilgrimage. But the pilgrimage of our lives continues with all its joys, failures and disappointments. We have learned to recognize the value of the situations that are apparently imperfect and discover in them the good, the positive, and profitability. He have discovered family will be to our extensive spiritual treasure forever in our hearts the faithful community which is the family of God.

Los Angeles Lakers

Those attending the gala solidarity magic that has organised Popular along with the Abracadabra Foundation could enjoy, in addition, the presence of the Los Angeles Lakers player. The champion of the NBA in 2009 and 2010 and Los angeles Lakers Pau Gasol player has been the guest surprise of the solidarity day of Banco Popular, which was held in Barcelona Saturday, June 23. With this gala, attended more than four hundred attendees among employees of the entity and their families, Banco Popular continued his solidarity work in the hands of the Abracadabra Foundation, who performed a magic function for attendees. Banco Popular collaborates with this non-profit association supporting the realization of functions of magic solidarity in hospitals, elderly homes and centres for people with disabilities. On this occasion, and thanks to this collaboration and support from the Bank, the Abracadabra Foundation has carried its solidarity magic special Concha Espina Barcelona Education Center students. The day Solidario Banco Popular was held at the sala Oriol Martorell from L Auditori de Barcelona, where messages and photos of Corporate Social responsibility initiatives developed by the Bank, in order to emphasize the solidarity commitment of the entity and to share activities to all attendees were exposed.

Union Agriculture Ministers

The Fund is, however, much lower than the losses claimed by the sector. States shall submit this Tuesday their estimates of damages. In addition to Spain, France, Netherlands and Belgium have seen their sales fall. European Union Agriculture Ministers will study this Tuesday at an extraordinary meeting in Luxembourg the creation of a special fund to compensate for the European fruit and vegetable sector, for losses suffered as a result of the crisis of the e. coli bacteria, whose origin was initially blamed by the German authorities to a few batches of cucumbers from Spain. The hypothesis that will shuffle is the create a special fund for a special situation in the image of special aid given to milk producers in 2009 or for those affected by the crisis of dioxins in Ireland in 2008, as they have advance community sources, which have not given details on the amount with which you could provide to the Fund. Expected Member States to submit their estimates of damage and that the debate focuses on how and how much I could help, have targeted other European sources.

The Commissioner for agriculture Dacian Ciolos, warned last week that the instruments available to the EU for support to farmers in this crisis are limited, but undertook to examine all legal options to raise more solutions beyond those provided for by the agricultural common policy (PAC) – to remove part of the production of the market, up to a maximum of 5% of the volume total – and public subsidies. In the case of the PAC supports the problem is that the management of these aid generally depends on agricultural organizations (which in Spain bring together 32% of farmers), that would let outside producers independent. They are also subsidies co-financed at 50% between Brussels and the Member States. Regarding public subsidies, the EU sets a limit of 7,500 euros in three years as a maximum for subsidies that do not require prior notification to Brussels.