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Month: June 2012

Conference Writing

On the good writing of our official notice of press the informed version will depend to a great extent that we will see published after one conferenca of press. Even, we could with a good official notice of press suggest the holder of the news, in addition it is the official position of the company and the guide that will use the informers at the time of writing up the note. How we will obtain that the journalists place in their news our key messages? Giving a press official notice to them that summarizes our ideas, how we want mainly that they are published, in a crisis situation, where there is confusion, ambiguity and, often, bad intention. We are going to begin saying that a press official notice is a very brief writing that is used to announce a call or to extend or to clarify a previous information. In the case that occupies to us, official notice will serve us to the press to transmit to the press our official version and the messages that interest to us are published and that they were tried in the press conference. In summary, that the news writes from our point of view, not from the points of view of the journalist. The structure will follow the rule of inverted pyramid, going the most important writing of at least important, according to this order: First, the holder: He must represent, of a summarized form, clear and impressive, the most important information that he was wanted to transmit in the press conference. It depends on the holder who the press note fulfills greater success its function, since if its construction is long, confused and without interest, probably it is not taken care of to him with the due attention, although the information of the official notice is excellent for the reader.

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Jose Berton Journalist

Passo Fundo heads better for a quality of life Finally! Passo Fundo possesss a new image. What until it has little time was charged constantly, now is part of the past. Today the reality is another one. Until it seems dream. For many skeptics the significant improvements in the transit still are reason for caution.

However the City hall through the Secretariat of Workmanships and General services had rolled up sleeves and is showing that it is possible to advance! Streets and avenues to full the eyes are being deliver the community with that quality have waited time. For a year beginning, it is a good start. To be able Public and community they come back to coexist in harmony. Congratulations to the involved managers in these workmanships for the fulfilment of its obligations Congratulations and debtor especially to the men of Front, operators of machines, drivers, laborers, mechanics, borracheiros, lubricators and all excessively of the final execution. The ones that they catch in the heavy one, the ones that come back tired toward house after a daily and extenuante chore. Debtor to the family heads who fulfill with its duty and earn little therefore. To these the recognition! They all the mritos! It does not stop the ones that enter for the door of the deep ones and gain a wage that nothing condiz with what they produce. How much to the Servers who had entered for the door of the front, – giving competition, and that they catch in heavy these can until coming back tired toward the recess of its homes in the end of each day, but with certainty they place the head in the pillow and obtain to sleep the sleep of the right ones! However Passo Fundo earns and earns the community! It remains to believe that everything is made with quality and that lasts, seno forever, but for a good time.

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