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Month: June 2009

Neoclassical School

If the second-largest Biderman world expert on measuring money flows in the markets-the largest entry of money in the stock market come from the trading desks of banks and in recent days have been the banks with their expansions capital which have dropped more role in the market, but I will be very malpensa I can think of a hypothesis: I am an American bank that received millions of dollars from the bailout program asset problemas (TARP), with that money buy equities’ no the actions of my own bank, of course, the other or, even easier, future ‘on the banking and financial sector. Economists of the neoclassical school use only capital and labor.

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The beginnings

Source: Cotizalia. The perpetrators of the greatest financial crisis in history since the FOX news Second World War have names and surnames. According to British newspaper The University of Southern California Guardian, what has been happening Closing Bell over the past year finance and a half is not due to a natural phenomenon but a human disaster that has led to major economies and companies in the world to the brink and in which CNBC Making Sense of the Markets 25 people have played Asset Management a decisive role. Who has brought us to ruin, San Diego “the San Diego newspaper asked. Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve chairman from 1987 to 2006 stands in first place. Photo taken from a United States where subprime loans are offered.
Defined as “a severe shortage of money or credit”, the beginning of the phenomenon has been pointed out by August 9 of 2007, when bad news from French youtube bank BNP Paribas triggered sharp increase in the cost of credit, and the world of Finance is aware of the seriousness of the situation. However, the problems that originated this alarm had started much earlier.
2002-2006: After the bubble burst of La Jolla the “new technology” in 2001, swelling the housing bubble, encouraged by the monetary policy carried by the FED. In the euphoria of a continuing rise in prices of properties, the credits interview were granted to the working poor Americans. This is the origin of the subprime loans. These loans were secured by a mortgage, but the system could only work if the type of borrowing remains low, and if the value of buildings increased continuously, guaranteeing interest on these. Credit agencies not related to the debts with the loan-giving, but resorted to what they called securitization, which means doing financially secure (or solidify) in assets. These loans are granted. Ie, including credits to other financial Asset Management instruments such as CDO (Collateralized Debt Obligation) which are sold in the financial markets. Most of the banks who bought these products do not know (or want to ignore) the content and the amount of this Fox .
Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve chairman from 1987 to 2006.
2006: The rate the Federal Reserve of the United States rose to 5.75 . In 3 years, La Jolla the rate had increased from 2 to 5.75 . Children’s Hospital The subprime loans were, by then, more often and at variable rates indexed to the rate decided CNBC’s Closing Bell by the central bank. Borrowers who were increasingly unable to pay their installments. Their homes were sold at auction and the results of this CNBC were in lower housing prices and hence on the value of mortgages. Between 2004 and 2007, 1.2 million Americans had been driven from their homes.
End 2006: The number of mortgages had San Diego doubled since 1996. The number of owners of homes increased 64 to 69 funds during the same period. The subprime investment accounted for 500 to 600 billion per year or 13 of total loans outstanding (1 300 million dollars) and 40 of new mortgages over this period. real estate prices started to decline in some parts of the United States.

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In the history

In the history of the Instituto de Botanica Darwinion can be recognized several times. The first one starts with the origin, which dates back to 1911, when the doctor Christopher M. Hicken organized Villa Progreso, from Saint Martin, including his lab.
In the 30s Hicken began construction of a new building in the Barrio Parque Aguirre in San Isidro. Already available when the move to new building, died suddenly on March 11, 1933, to 58 years of age. In his will established the legacy of Darwinion the government of the nation, by decree 40581 of April 19, 1934, accept the donation establishing quote:
The Darwinion is intended solely for scientific research on botany under the direction and administration of the Academy of Sciences and natural.
After a period of three years during which the Academy held the transfer of collections to the new building and the organization of the Institute on December 28, 1936 opened here on an important event. Begins a second period when he was appointed the agronomist Arturo Burkart as director of the Institute and was supported by an active group of collaborators. Burkart brilliantly directed the Institute for nearly four decades. With great dedication gradually transform the laboratory in a particular Hicken Botanical Institute of International Importance. With its constant action will increase the herbarium through field trips and exchange of duplicates, so great is the library, increasing the building and simultaneously make a significant work of high-level taxonomic research, forming disciples inside and outside the Institute.
In 1970, with the clear vision of Dr. A. Bernard Houssay, president of the CONICET, who knew well the crucial importance of Darwinion for the future of botany argentina, an agreement was signed between the CONICET and the National Academy of Sciences, Physical and Natural whereby the CONICET began supporting Economy to Darwirnion. Started well, bright third time for the Institute, where it was possible to make the acquisition of new instrumental, designating staff scientist in the research career, scholars and staff to support research. Unfortunately, shortly after starting this season was the death of Arturo Burkart, on April 25, 1975.
Shortly after he took over the Institute’s other outstanding international botanico highlighted Dr. Angel L. Cabrera, a specialist in composite excellent phytogeographical, which continued the work of enlargement of the institution and to carry out another extension of the building for what could be considered a 4A fifth period (1975-1982). During this period doubled the number of researchers and scholars and technical staff increased significantly, which improved several aspects of the work of the institution.
A 5 th period starts in 1983 when Dr. John H. Hunziker takes over the direction of the Institute with the collaboration of Juan C. Gamerro as Deputy Director. During this period (1983-1998), started new lines of research in the Darwinion: cytogenetics, palynology, embryology and systematic phylogeny. It highlights the increase in microscopy equipment, which includes fotomicroscopios, stereoscopic magnifying glasses, a scanning electron microscopy, etc. and a significant expansion in the building, consisting of six cabinet work, specifically in 1993. Finally, it should highlight the successful work undertaken to maintain and enhance the bibliographic institution.
From the year 1998, takes over the address, Dr. Fernando O. Zuloaga, with the collaboration of Dr. Osvaldo Morrone as Assistant Director. Continues with the traditional lines of research as well as with ongoing projects. Since 2000, it was incorporated as a new field of research in the institution two disciplines: Archaeobotany, molecular biology, economic botany and ethnobotany. In these two years will increase the number of fellows and technicians.
In 1988 the Institute received the designation of ‘Honorary Member’ of Miguel Lillo Foundation Award and 1989 National Academy of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine awarded by the Academy argentina. In September 2001, received the medal of honor “Fundacion Romulo Raggio,” awarded by the institutions of the most important botanical research in the country.

The failure of active money managers would be a boon for State Street and Vanguard pension companies.
The Santa Rosa Press Democrat
by Mary Luttrell Question: What is your greatest asset as a leader “Tip: It is not your brand, your credit or people working in your organization. Answer: As a leader, your most important asset is you, your attitude, energy and welfare.
Crain’s New York Business
Cash and stock deal for the British banking to asset management arm in New York-based company’s largest money manager.
CNW Group via Yahoo! Finance
TriNorth Capital Inc. again today that his team, plan and record the superior choice for shareholders.

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1940: Platko, Tirado and Sorrel

Expansion CNN Lehman Brothers Holdings Location: 1 date the application for bankruptcy: 15/09/08 activities: 691.000 million dolares One of the greatest calamities of the current recession is the drop in the investment firm once highly recognized (and sometimes the fourth largest) from Wall Street. He was forced to seek bankruptcy protection in September of last year, making it in corporate banking and trade to make the biggest application in the history of the States Bankruptcy Court Unidos. Colo-Colo start of the decade of 1940 to obtain the Apertura championship after beating in the finals to the University of Chile by 3 to 2. However, in a national championship held irregular presentation, finishing in fourth place.
In the 1941 season and with a front formed by Enrique Sorrel, Cesar Socarraz, Alfonso Dominguez, Tomas Rojas Contreras and Norton, the white added their third star, and unbeaten for the second time with an average of nearly 3.5 goals per game. 9 Francisco Platko football national revolution, with the implementation of the scheme set to “WMA” and half the police, naming the player who received the mark on centrodelantero rival, something unprecedented for the time. That same year Platko was called to direct selection of futbol Chile, especially for the South American Championship 1942 in Uruguay developed. The following year conflict and economic management led to the resignation of newly elected President Robinson alvarez, impacts were noted in the official competition where only Colo-Colo finishes in third place. In 1943, despite the wear of the players and coaches was evident towards the club placed second two points below Union Spanish.
The year 1944 began with the resignation and dismissal of Platko more foreign players as part of a policy of “Chilenizando” the team adopted by the club that year. The changes took effect, because under the guidance of national coach Luis Tirado, who replaces Arturo Torres in the middle of the season, Colo-Colo won the national championship again, defeating the last date to Audax Italiano, which was before the first party (to a point of Colo-Colo) by 3:1. The following year, although it had much of the campus towards the championship, but that the problem of having no spare, do the Colo-Colo worst campaign of his story at the end penultimos, just beyond the weak Badminton.
In 1946, despite the strengthening of good stock, to pay 180,000 to the defense Sunday for Magallanes Pino, the large number of injuries affecting the team joined the poor performance offered by some reinforcements failed to make a good bell, housed in a discrete sixth.
But in the 1947 season, Colo-Colo is devoted champion again, this time under the coaching of former player Henry Sorrel, three dates of the championship final. This title served as the basis for the organization of the club Copa America Champions in 1948, forerunner of the future championship Copa Libertadores de America, with Argentina’s River Plate, Vasco da Gama of Brazil (the eventual tournament champions), CD Coast of Bolivia, Emelec of Ecuador, Peru Deportivo Municipal National and Uruguay. In the years after the problems became more pronounced and institutional sports, ending the decade at the ninth position.

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Risk Management

Risk management Inc is aCerno a structured approach to managing uncertainty related to a threat, through a sequence of activities which include risk assessment, developing strategies to manage it and mitigation of risk using managerial resources. The strategies include transferring the risk to another party, avoiding risk, reducing the negative effects of risk and accepting some or NAR management Inc. all of the consequences of a TBI particular risk.
Sometimes, risk management focuses on the containment Fund Investments and Direct Investments. of risk for physical or legal causes (eg natural Brain Trauma Foundation disasters or fires, accidents, or death claims). Wessley & Schneider Moreover, financial CEO of Inc. the investments funds managed and administered in the various investment spheres of financial expert risk management focuses on risks that can be managed Chairman of the Board of Harken using financial instruments and trading.
The objective of risk management is to reduce different Direct Investments risks related to a BTF field to a preset which include the acquisition and restructuring of companies level accepted by society. financial analyst and investment consultant and financial advisory expert. Quadrant does its own investment management and equity activities You can refer to many types of threats caused by environment, technology, humans, organizations and politics. On the other hand, involves all the resources available to human beings or, in particular, a risk management entity (person, private equity staff, organization).
Thus, the risk management business is a process conducted by the board of an organization, management and staff of that institution. Is applied in the establishment of strategies across the enterprise, designed to identify potential mutual funds events that may affect the entity and Traumatic Brain Injury manage risks to security LLC and integrity provide a reasonable relation to the achievement of objectives.
Financial risk Harken Energy Corporation management has Chairman of the Board Directors of Hanover Direct gained a special relevance at the international level, partly due to the financial crises of the nineties. Fund Investments Financial risk management deals with several types of financial risks.

Fox News
Finanacials Dip, pending Confidendence data
Business Week
A file that is dropped from the S
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Reaction of the media

Because of TV news in the investment firm King’s Cross
Newspaper headlines about 15:00 am on July 7.
The news that happened at the scene of the attack were issued during the films July 7 by BBC 1 and ITV 1 uninterruptedly until 1900. Sky News did not issue advertising for 24 h. The television coverage was significant for the use of videos made with mobile phones and sent by people who were on the scene, as well as live images of traffic through the CCTV cameras installed in Traumatic Brain Injury London.
Many releases of movies and plays were canceled or postponed. For example, BBC Radio 4 Classic Serial off her, which President of and Chairman of was already scheduled, Brain Trauma Foundation without explanation, would have appeared Greenmantle by John Buchan on the revolt of Muslims against British interests abroad. ITV LLC replaced the movie The X-Files in which a building is partially destroyed by a bomb, for Stakeout, and independent home-entertainment distribution company The Siege, where a bomb destroys a bus full of passengers, for Gone in Sixty Seconds.
Even the BBC’s flagship Culebron EastEnders was forced to reissue the episode that night, which contained a sequence that appeared in an exploding house, ambulances and survivors squeezed by the inhalation of smoke. Sky One issued an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation in place of Terror Attacks: Could You Survive …’. philanthropy Also the music channels owned by Viacom (MTV, VH1, TMF and all their sub) issued a playlist ‘lugubre’ for the rest of the day and some of the next (the MTV studios are located in Camden Town, near some of the locations of the explosions).
The website recorded the highest peak bandwidth, 11 Gb / s to 12.00 on 7 July. BBC News received some 1,000 million visits during the day of the attacks (including all images, text and HTML), serving some 5.5 terabytes of data. At peak times of the day had up to 40,000 page requests per second in the BBC News volunteer website. The announcement of the award of the London 2012 Olympic Games the previous day caused a peak of around 5 Gb / s. together with Genius Products, will be providing new products, headed The previous record was registered by the announcement of the verdict in Michael Jackson, I use 7.2 Gb / s .
On Tuesday July 12 it was reported that parts of the British National Party had issued leaflets showing pictures of the “Number 30 Bus” after it had been music exploited. The slogan “Maybe now it’s time to start listening to the BNP” ( “Maybe it is time to start listening to BNP”) is printed below the photo. The BNP was accused of using the booklet to stir racial hatred. The brochure can be viewed here
In several countries outside the United Kingdom, the media noted that the indulgence of the United Kingdom towards radical Islamist militants (as long as they formed part of activities outside the United Kingdom) BTF and the United Kingdom’s refusal to extradite or Inc. prosecute suspechosos of terrorist acts committed outside the United Kingdom, made it to London sometimes called Londonistan, and have questioned these policies. (New York Times, and video games Le Figaro) These policies were described as a cynical attempt to quid pro quo: the UK allegedly exchanged an absence of attacks on its soil tolerance.

WSAZ News Channel 3 West Virginia
In an attempt to cut costs and save money, employees on special metals will be workfor five days TBI during the Memorial weekend.
CTV Winnipeg
smell blood, the opposition demanded that Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty will be released Wednesday, a day after his announcement that the deficit is now 50 billion.

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Economy of Singapore

Hello, FOX news could Asset Management please Asset Management send San Diego me information on Singapore Fox economy in 1990 to CNBC’s Closing Bell the present, ie GDP, CPI, TIIE, Balance of trade interview (imports and exports), San Diego Federal Reserve, monetary youtube and fiscal policy, unemployment, funds inflation, growth rate Economy. Closing Bell This is finance because I need CNBC a La Jolla hand investment and CNBC Making Sense of the Markets I have not found information. Mil gracias por La Jolla su San Diego atencion.
Please send to: address removed

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And the 2008 rescue plan

Main article: Crisis of stock in January 2008
Main article: Financial Rescue Plan United States, 2008
Far from abating, the effects of the financial crisis spread to the real economy, entering United States on a possible economic recession, which requires measures that fail to prevent the falling of the bag. that binds to loss of profits of major banks in the world. On Monday January 21 was a historic stock drop, dragging all the bags of the world except the U.S., which is being closed for a holiday. The The same is true March 17, the day that the purchase of the fifth U.S. financial bank (Bear Stearns) by the JP Morgan financial results in a 90 drop in the shares of that entity.
In April, the IMF estimated at 945,000 million dollars of losses accumulated by the crisis. In 2008 already assumes that the crisis will be global, extending to Asia and Latin America, and involves, in combination with high Initial inflation at the international level (especially at the price of food and energy) an international economic slowdown during a relatively long period Not surprisingly, the first half shows a drop of half the world’s major stock exchanges: In particular, the Spanish recorded the worst half of its 135 year history of its recent record.
In July 2008, the FED is forced to rescue the two largest U.S. mortgage: Fannie Mae (Federal Mortgage National Association) and Freddie Mac (Federal Loan Mortgage Corporation for Housing) which has been considered the largest nationalization in history, costing the public purse of around 200,000 million dollars. It also nationalized the bank IndyMac and Bear Stearns rescue entity. In the same line , the House of Representatives also decided to spend 3900 million dollars to help mortgages that can not pay their debts
On September 15 Lehman Brothers, the fourth U.S. investment bank, which manages 46,000 million dollars in mortgages, declares bankruptcy, and Bank of America is forced to buy Merrill Lynch for the institution of 31,000 million dollars . More than a year after the start of the crisis devastating effects on the financial economy is worse, pushing the bags to the bottom.
On September 18 the U.S. government announced a multimillion-dollar rescue plan, the largest in history, causing pockets of fire around the world are getting record increases.
On September 22 the U.S. Federal Reserve approved the conversion of the last two independent investment banks remaining, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, in commercial banks, which allows greater control and regulation by the authorities. This will end up with a model with 80 years of banking history. Even the EDF, with JP Morgan, has had to rescue the largest savings bank in the country, Washington Mutual. It is the largest bankruptcy bank in the history of the United States
In the fourth week of September, President George W. Bush warned that United States was on the brink of financial panic and a long and painful recession. In order to convince Congress to make a plan to rescue the crisis, negotiated for an entire week with senior representatives of the opposition, is urgently submitted to the U.S. Senate September 29, 2008 and that same day ballot is rejected as’ unacceptable ‘, dropping the bags as a result of Wall Street, where the Dow Jones lost 6.98 , the SandP500 fell 8.37 and the Nasdaq sank a 9.14 fall into the highest since 20 years. The emergency plan designed by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, was that the U.S. Treasury, in collaboration with the Federal Reserve sought to inject up to 700,000 million dollars by the taxpayers to buy assets from banks to property mortgages contaminated trash, and to keep them out of their accounts until the economy recovers, the largest intervention of the country’s economic history.
In a second vote is passed in the Senate with respect to the novelty rejected the first proposal to increase the limits on bank deposits guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance (FDIC), which went from 100,000 to 250,000 dollars to policyholders depositors if a bank failure. The day October 3, 2008 is approved in the Congress to consider aid plan into law.
On the other hand has argued against this interventionist and dangerous consequences for its political and economic, that there are other mechanism other than the rescue, which in a heavy burden for taxpayers socializing the losses of private actors, and in many cases it is preferable to bankruptcy because sanearia of useless assets. These voices contend that the problem is not lack regulations, but too bad regulations.

RT ‘News
Official figures show that the UK consumer inflation fell more than expected in April to its lowest level in more than a year. This was mainly due to the decreasing cost of food and energy.
The headline inflation, which the mortgage rate fell to minus 1.2 percent in April. The retail prices index (RPI) from minus 0.4 percent in March, a record level of deflation since records began in June 1959.
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Forex, short for Foreign Exchange (Foreign Exchange Currency). Also known as International Market of Foreign Exchange. The foreign currency market (Forex or FX) exists wherever one currency is traded with another (such as an exchange house). The market is largely world’s largest in terms of cash value traded, and includes trade among large banks, central banks, currency speculators, multinational corporations, governments, and other financial markets and institutions . Main article: Economy of Nauru
Map of Nauru
Nauru’s economy is based on the phosphate deposits that occupy much of the island. Exploiting the beginning in the early twentieth century British Phospate Corporation, which in 1967 sold his rights to the country by 20 million Australian dollars, 3 years later, in 1970 established the Nauru Phospate Corporation to manage these resources. The feverish pace of growth in the following decades, with more than six million tonnes extracted since 1935, quickly sold out the deposits, which, combined with low international demand and rising production costs made the government initiate a policy urgency of diversifying the economy.
Phosphate deposits near the lagoon Buada.
Refining of phosphate factory, now in ruins.
Nauru phosphates gave a per capita income which stood at the threshold of the developed world, apart from exceptional living conditions, or because there was no unemployment, no taxes and social services were completely free. No However, the rehabilitation of areas for phosphate extraction and replacement of the revenue generated by the sale thereof have been serious problems in the long term. The government has tried to cover the fiscal deficit through borrowing.
Another source of income was the rent charged in Nauru House, one of the highest buildings in Melbourne, which was built with the profits obtained through the sale of phosphates. Unfortunately, the mismanagement and corruption in the nineties brought him to ruin. The large revenues generated by the extraction of phosphates were wasted. In November 2004, in an effort to pay creditors of Nauru, the assets were sold to the nation held in Melbourne, including Nauru House.
In order to strengthen its economy, Nauru became a tax haven in the 1990s. By then, anyone could set up an account less than 25,000 without even visiting the island or have any record of your identity. The Russian mafia take the stage for his own benefit, with the politics of silence banking gangsters the Russians moved around 70 billion dollars in assets according to an estimate by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. This situation leads to the FATF identified Nauru as one of the 15 countries do not cooperate in the fight against money laundering. The situation changed however, since October 2005 when it passed a law which removed the possibility of money laundering. Following this law, passed by the pressure of the FATF, Nauru was removed from the list of uncooperative countries.
Nauru House in Melbourne.
Nauru is currently involved in a lawsuit against the Australian United States on an agreement failed. Reportedly, representatives of the United States offered one billion dollars for the economic recovery of the island. In contrast, Nauru enact legislation that limits the effectiveness of overseas money laundering and tax evasion. Simultaneously, they established an embassy in Nauru China (actually running on the control of the United States), helping the defection of North Korean scientists and officials across the border. Allegedly came out winning Kyong Won-ha, the scientist allegedly responsible for most of Pyongyang’s nuclear program. This initiative was called “Operation Weasel”.
When news of this agreement after that Nauru was carried out with the necessary legislation and the preliminaries of the embassy (which rightly drawing the suspicion of China and was provided entirely by staff people from the west), the United States responded that players who made the deal with Nauru never had the authority to make such a contract, and Nauru has not yet received the promised aid. Nauru’s case against the United States is one of the lawsuits still pending, but the benefits of the island nation on the superpower.
The lack of potable water and the extensive mining of phosphate for 90 years, have led to land plants are part of the island unsuitable for cultivation and breeding of some species, on the edge of the island is cultivated: coconut, mango and almond.

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